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Why is Job Hunting so Frustrating?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Why is Job Hunting so Frustrating?

May 11, 2017 by Caitlin Nowlan

You know the feeling - There’s that moment during or after the interview when you realize an opportunity has passed you by. Then you need to figure out where you went wrong and find a way to fix it, but where do you start?  

As a candidate applying for a new position, have you ever had an experience when you did not receive any feedback from your application or interview?

Most likely, your answer would be yes. The interesting thing about this is that most companies and recruiters choose to spend very little time dealing with the applicants that may be unqualified or of no interest to them. A typical week for a recruiter includes numerous interviews with varying candidates, discussions with the hiring managers to get feedback, and sometimes reviewing the responsibilities of the position.

If you’re lucky enough to get a critique or some feedback after an interview, it should be about your interviewing skills or the quality of your answers. Not getting the job is always hard, however you could also learn from your experience. Getting feedback on why you didn’t get the job could be incredibly helpful as you continue in your search. Here are some tips that could give you a better chance of receiving feedback after an interview:

  • Ask Appropriate Questions – Instead of directly asking why you weren’t offered the position, ask a more productive question such as how you could improve your interviewing technique.

  • Keep it Short and to the Point – There’s no need to be personal or give long explanations because that can come off as being needy or too emotional.

  • Be Grateful – Thank your interviewer for their time and feedback on why you didn’t get past the interview step.

If you do receive feedback, read through it carefully so that you can improve in the future. Happy job hunting!