How to Give Back to The Community During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

by Pranav Ramesh
March 26, 2020

Author: Kate Stancato

Schools, events, malls, and the world, are slowing down to prioritize our health and the well being of others. As our world adjusts to these new circumstances, as cities and nations stand together, we feel fortunate enough to be able to give to the community through simple acts of kindness and donations.

Peterson Technology Partners would like to share some ways you can provide for those who are impacted from the comfort of your own home. Below, we’re highlighting ideas on how we help our community while shedding light on organizations we’re fortunate enough to support.

Support local food banks

Find a local food bank near you through Feeding America

Tip your delivery driver

These people are risking their personal health and safety so you don’t have to.Please, show your appreciation and make it worth their while.

Shop locally for groceries

Many small markets are stocked with goods while named brand stores are being cleared out soon after being replenished.

Use social media to reach out

Offer assistance to individuals in your community who are more vulnerable to the virus. Ask if they need any help or supplies! Tip: Facebook has many local community groups that individuals can join to communicate, help, and assist with your neighbors!

Purchase gift cards from local stores online

Salons and spas, bookstores, small coffee shops, and other local restaurants in your community need your help! If you know you’ll need their goods and/or services in the future, help them generate some type of income right now… when they need it most!

Check-in with family members and neighbors

You never know what you may take for granted…That those you care about can’t do for themselves. Offer to pick up their groceries or medications, carry packages, perform “handyman” tasks around the home, anything they could use assistance with!

Avoid hoarding essentials

If it’s not needed urgently, it can wait!

Supplies are being replenished daily, so only buy what you need and save the rest of others.

Contact Non-Profit Charities, Homeless Shelters, and Senior Centers

Every neighborhood is different and, therefore, in need of different things.

Find out what kind of supplies your local community organization needs most and donate accordingly. Recently, the most desired supplies have been:

  • gloves
  • alcohol
  • wipes
  • anti-bacterial soap
  • paper products (towel, toilet paper, etc.)
  • dry foods (cereal, nuts, granola bars, packaged snacks)
  • fruits (bananas, apples, oranges)

If you’re in, or near, the Great Chicago Area, the following are some local organizations we proudly help, support, and contribute to:

In case you’re not in or near Chicagoland, here is a link to look up Local Shelters in your area

If you’re not able to donate supplies, give A Sense of Home a try. They enable you to sponsor a home, donate furniture, and assist with funds.

For more information, email

In the meantime, we ask that everyone follow the guidelines that the CDC has in place to help stop the spread of the virus.

If your organization, or anyone you know, is in need of meal donations, we partner with a local, family-owned restaurant and may be able to help!

Please contact for more information.

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