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Have you ever used an Android app and thought to yourself, “I wish I could add a custom feature to this”? Are you a logical problem solver who relishes an interesting challenge? Do you want to help shape the next great mobile app? If any of those are true, you should consider becoming an Android application developer! Android development jobs are highly technical roles where programmers work in teams, coding new apps designed to run on Android devices (like Samsung phones and Chromebooks).

Although these jobs require a lot of specialized technological knowledge and programming acumen, successful Android software engineers can expect to be well rewarded for the effort, as mobile app developer salaries tend to begin in the low six figures and reliably trend upwards from there. Once you’ve started along the Android mobile developer career path, you’ll be amazed where it will take you.

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Why should I become an Android developer?

Starting an Android developer career is a great way to challenge yourself and contribute to the future of mobile app development.
When it comes to Android development, if you can dream it (and code it), you can do it!

Starting out

Junior Android developer jobs help you gain valuable real world programming experience and build confidence working with modern mobile app development software. And don’t forget those soft skills! The connections you make today as a trainee Android developer just might be the cornerstone of tomorrow’s winning mobile dev team.

Max level

Once you’ve put in the time and hard work to obtain serious senior Android developer skills, the world is your oyster. A large majority of Android developer jobs are entirely remote and may be done from anywhere you next find yourself in the world.

Build a Career in Android App Development

Dive into opportunities that redefine the application landscape.
Apply now and one of our expert recruiters will get in touch to discuss next steps.

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What skills do you need to work in Android app development?

  • Mobile developer & programming jobs

    World-class programming ability

    There’s no way around it: Android app developer jobs are extremely technical roles that involve lots of active development and coding time. You’ll want to make sure you’re very confident in Java to start out, but consider picking up Python or Kotlin, too — both are great additions to a full stack Android developer’s skill set.

  • Software developer jobs

    Android SDK Experience

    You wouldn’t show up to a carpentry job and not know how to use a hammer – the Android SDK, or Software Development Kit, is the mobile app developer’s equivalent tool. It contains essential libraries, or big collections of code, for quick deployment when creating apps.

  • Software Engineer Jobs - PTP

    Software testing and QA

    Testing applications before deployment is critical in Android developer jobs. While many users are understanding of the occasional bug, an app that crashes too often is likely to be abandoned, rendering it useless to the company that created it.

  • Systems Analyst Jobs - Peterson Technology Partners

    Research and Analysis

    With millions of Android devices being used, and even more being purchased and activated every day, developers will need to be comfortable working with very large data sets in order to make the best use of this valuable resource.

  • Technology Jobs - PTechPartners

    Collaboration and Teamwork Skills

    Tech is a team sport! As an Android application engineer, you’ll need to be able to work as part of a larger project team and break down projects into manageable chunks as a group to excel.

What are the future prospects for Android application developers?

Android application developer jobs are needed in many kinds of businesses – essentially, any organization with an existing Android application will need to source strong developer talent so as to maintain or upgrade it. And since mobile applications are so widespread and heavily used nowadays, offering an Android app as an option is an effective solution in lots of global industries.

According to recent research conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, senior Android developer jobs can command salaries ranging well into the respective six figures. Well qualified individuals with strong tech skills and programming ability will find that Android jobs are a good, stable match for their skill set and disposition.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Android developer a good choice of career?

    Yes! As recognized by the United States Bureau of Labor and Standards, application development jobs are not only lucrative career choices, but demand for Android mobile developer jobs has been growing much faster than previously recorded. With an approximated average of 90 thousand new mobile apps released every month via the Google Play Store, you’ll have your pick of interesting projects and teams to join.

  • What are some of the most common roles in Android application development?

    Since Android software engineers are responsible for the entirety of a company’s Android application development efforts, they tend to be involved at multiple touchpoints during the development lifecycle. These team members will often be involved with the application in related tasks past the completion of development, like conducting routine training and maintenance. Some common roles include:

    • Android App Designer – Responsible for an application’s overall look and feel, these professionals also zero in on the finer points of the UI, making sure the app’s navigation is simple yet intuitive.
    • Android App Developer – Working with the Android SDK and programming languages like Java, these developers put in the work to make the application fully functional. They also keep the application’s code base clean and easy for other team members to work with.
    • Android App Tester – Software testing is a mandatory step in development. Here, bugs are spotted, either visually in lines of code or via automated testing, and resolved. Once the app is error-free, it goes live.
    • Maintenance/Support – While Android developers strive to code cleanly and without errors, at times they are still called upon to perform troubleshooting maneuvers and deploy various patches to fix newly discovered glitches.
  • What are the job responsibilities of an Android software engineer?

    Android software engineers are responsible for designing and constructing mobile applications to be run on Android mobile devices. What this looks like in terms of a typical workday reliably differs from app to app, company to company, and industry to industry. In general, though, most Android developers are tasked with:

    • Creating, updating, and maintaining applications that run on Android devices.
    • Resolving code errors and debugging newly coded functionality prior to launch.
    • Collaborating with business teams to understand the organization’s priorities in developing an Android application.
    • Ensuring that a given application is compatible with any necessary external data sources or APIs.
  • What are the qualifications required to become an Android app developer?

    To become an Android app developer, you need a lot of different qualifications and no small amount of practical programming experience. While the requirements for hiring Android engineers absolutely fluctuate with the position, title, project, and organization concerned, in general, you’ll want to make sure you have:

    • A bachelor’s or master’s degree, typically in a technological major like Computer Engineering (or other STEM discipline).
    • Professional or hobbyist Android development experience
    • Familiarity with the Android SDK and other essential dev tools
    • An understanding of the mobile application “life cycle,” or development process/phases
  • Which Industries have the most demand for Android engineers?

    Starting out as a junior Android engineer is exciting! You’ll be able to choose from many different companies in many different industries around the world, potentially working in some of the following fields:

    • Hospitality
    • Food and Beverage
    • Retail and eCommerce
    • Healthcare
    • Technology

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