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If you enjoy analyzing very large and complex data sets until you can see a clear, data-driven, and actionable path towards your goals, you’re already practicing two of the key skills needed to become a business intelligence analyst! Business analyst jobs involve interpreting and working with data so that companies can make stronger, more strategic business decisions. These jobs are especially good for people who have programming abilities but aren’t quite sure if they want to do as much coding in their daily routine as a developer would.

Although these positions are not nearly as coding-intensive as software engineering jobs, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re a walk in the park, either: To be successful, a senior business analyst will need to have mastered many skills from difficult disciplines — technology, finance, business operations, and beyond. But for those who can master the challenging skill set required, the opportunity to help smartly steer entire organizations awaits. Let’s explore business intelligence jobs in a little more detail!

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Combine your analytical skills with business acumen to help organizations make
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Why become a business analyst?

In business intelligence roles, you’ll get to use your exceptional analytical capabilities to help steer your company’s decision making. Talk about having an impact! You’ll also have the freedom to select for your most optimal situation and working environment: Will you work on-site, or remotely?

On-site business intelligence analyst jobs

It’s often helpful to be on-site, even in today’s increasingly distributed (yet always connected) world. If you decide to look for junior business analyst jobs that are hybrid or on-site, you’ll have the chance to deepen your rapport with stakeholders from across the organization, which will assist you when seeking buy-in for potential strategy changes.

Remote business analyst jobs

Thanks to the technological advancements that support remote work at scale, many companies are open to the possibility of hiring business analysts who sit remotely. Working from anywhere in the world alongside a team that might be spread equally as far, your communication skills will carry the day.

Become a Business Analyst Today

Combine your analytical skills with business acumen to help organizations make data-driven decisions.
Apply now and elevate your career in business analysis.

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What technical skills do you need to work in BI analyst and BA roles?

  • Strong Technical/Data Skills

    As a BI analyst, you won’t be “working in tech” as most people think of it (i.e., programming 24/7), but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your technical skill set. The ability to work with data, typically using Excel and SQL, is fundamental, and you will see many companies requiring familiarity with Python or R so that you can help to implement the solutions you will propose.

  • Business and Managerial Skills

    Without experience and knowledge of the business world, the strategic suggestions you would make as a business analyst consultant would likely not hold water. Make sure that you understand the theory underlying how business processes work, and especially how your organization’s processes work, so that your strategic thought process and conclusion is as accurate as possible.

  • Decision Making Abilities

    A senior business analyst must be decisive. If you have a tried-and-true mental model for decision making, it will be much faster to move from the results of your analysis to enacting your chosen plan of action. You’ll need to be just as decisive when pulling back or changing course as you are when forging ahead!

  • Advanced Analytical and Logical Capabilities

    These two skills are at the heart of every business analyst role. If you are able to assess current strategy against your organization’s financial goals, think through the effects of each potential decision/change, and craft a feasible, actionable strategy to move forward based on those conclusions, you’re ready.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork Skills

    Tech is a team sport — and so is business! As an IT business analyst, you will likely be working closely with many different people from many different technological and business backgrounds. You might even be doing all of this remotely, with a time difference underscoring the difficulty. Therefore, your ability to communicate clearly, listen actively, and resolve matters calmly is paramount.

What are the future prospects for business software analysts?

Becoming a business analyst is a wonderful career move for highly technical, strategy-minded individuals. To be successful in these roles, you will need to effectively master two difficult fields — strategic decision making (business) and data analytics (tech) — but the prospective rewards for doing so are well worth the toil, as is the career’s excellent future growth potential.

Business systems analysts tend to be compensated slightly above the average, even for technology workers; a general mid-career business intelligence analyst based out of the United States can make close to six figures, and the more you specialize, the more your talents will be in demand. And if you should decide to pivot to a different career, you’ll have experience across the tech side and the business side of strategy crafting. This is a key reason why the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports demand for BI analysts is trending above most other occupations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a business data analyst job a good career choice?

    Yes! Since business analyst jobs essentially require you to be fluent in both business strategy and data analysis, they are optimal careers in terms of stability, compensation, and future potential. The dual disciplines of business and tech are extremely challenging to master, and accordingly companies are loath to let even junior business analysts go unless they absolutely have to. Business intelligence careers are also more lucrative, on average, than most non-technical roles, starting out at just below six figures. And of course, once you have valuable work experience in the field, you’ll find many more roles open to you as a result, both in and out of tech.

  • What are some of the most common roles for a business systems analyst?

    As a junior business systems analyst, you’ll be able to tailor your career as it develops, with the benefit of being able to choose whether you focus on your technical skill set more, or your business skill set. Whether you decide to remain a generalist, or you’d like to upskill into a specialist position, the opportunities are excellent regardless. A few of the more common business systems analyst roles are:

    • Business Systems Analyst: These experts work with the massive amounts of data generated by companies as an effect of doing business. They review this data to discern any patterns or trends that arise, making recommendations for technological improvements as needed.
    • Senior Business Systems Analyst: Experienced and savvy, senior business systems analysts conduct deeper explorations into specific organizational processes, recommending optimizations for key systems, software, or operations as they deem necessary.
    • Business Systems Architect: This leadership role requires a seasoned professional to own the creation of all the business’ architecture (which basically refers to the set of all of the processes a company uses). It’s a big job, but if you can do it to perfection, you’ll drive business results that must be seen to be believed!
  • What are the job responsibilities of a business analyst?

    Business data analyst jobs are exciting positions that let you collaborate with experts from across the organization to help guide the company’s next steps. Since every company runs slightly differently, with many possible business goals in mind, it can be challenging to create a one-to-one record of a day in the life of a ‘typical’ BA analyst. Here are a few generalized responsibilities you might be asked to take on:

    • Review and understand key business requirements
    • Interpret data models to comprehend the levers that may affect a given KPI
    • Propose solutions addressing new strategies or edits to existing plans
    • Measure and optimize outcomes of new and subsequent data-driven decisions to assess solution effectiveness
  • What are the qualifications required to become an IT business analyst?

    If your goal is to become an IT business analyst, you’ll need to make sure you have what companies are looking for in terms of qualifications and experience. While some tech-heavy roles may still not require much in the way of formal training, eschewing it in favor of real-world results, these jobs involve more than just tech, and so they’re each a little different. In general, to make a splash as a BI analyst, you’ll need:

    • A bachelor’s degree, typically in a quantitative discipline (e.g., math, data science, or finance).
    • A master’s degree is not required for most entry level positions, but attaining an MBA or master’s in data science may be to your benefit for senior roles.
    • Related professional certifications like Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate and others.
    • Proven work experience as a business analyst or similar role.
    • Superior communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.
  • What are the industries that hire BI and BA analysts?

    Lots of industries are starting to recognize the potential in letting a specialist advise their decision making, and as a result some organizations are almost always hiring for BA roles. Since the skill set in question is so relatively rare, you might find that you don’t need this list of the best industries for BA jobs in your job search – but just in case, we’ll still post it here:

    • Information Technology
    • Management/Consulting
    • Healthcare
    • Banking/Finance
    • eCommerce and Retail

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