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Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your company’s collected data? Business systems analysts are professionals skilled in technological areas and business logic both. When you hire a business analyst, you need to look for someone equally strong in both areas to avoid inadvertently weakening the organization. It goes without saying that such individuals are pretty hard to locate.

Business systems analyst jobs involve lots of spreadsheets, numbers, and overall data. From all of this, these experts are able to discern underlying trends, puzzle out new or changing patterns, and even predict how certain ventures will turn out — so you can see why they’re in hot demand! Once you’ve experienced the results they’re able to drive, however, you’ll wonder how (and why) you ever lived without one on your team.

Hire on-site business analysts

Business analysts tend to be gregarious and enthusiastic communicators, so if you’re more of a face-to-face shop, it won’t be any trouble finding someone ready to walk in, shake hands, and get to work driving business results.

Hire remote business analysts

If you and your team are more introverted, you might already have a perfectly good remote work environment setup just how you prefer. Don’t shake it up on our behalf! Our BI analysts can slot into any team configuration, ready to make a difference starting today.

What are the benefits of hiring IT business analysts with PTP?

  • Decades of Expertise

    Delivering 25 years of excellence in the tech recruiting space, our recruiters are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Every day we place candidates where they’re able to make an immediate impact on your business.

  •  Top-Tier Candidate Pool

    Our recruiters make it a goal to find the best and brightest candidates worldwide. Whether you need to hire senior business analysts located near your team for hybrid positions, or a junior business intelligence analyst to work remotely, we’ve got the perfect match.

  • Advertise Open Jobs Efficiently

    Don’t waste time copying and pasting job descriptions across cookie-cutter job sites! When you hire through PTP, any opportunities you provide us will automatically be posted to our job listings page, and any other sites you direct.

  • Hire With the Speed of AI

    To truly keep current in our increasingly connected, hyper-digital world, you need to hire business analyst consultants who don’t miss a trick. Our recruiters are just as on the ball — they can provide you with a short list of well-qualified candidates within days of learning your requirements.

  • Optimize Descriptions with Our Insight

    Nobody wants to write job descriptions all day. But everyone needs to hire new team members sometime! Let us provide you with human-written, data-driven job descriptions to capture candidates’ attention and drive applicants to your door.

What is the process when hiring technical business analysts with PTP?

  1. Get in touch

  2. Connect with experts

    One of our expert recruiters will reach out to discuss your unique requirements.
  3. Candidate assessment

    Sit back and relax as our dedicated recruiting team taps into our expansive talent pool and uses our proprietary 5-Step Process to identify the best candidates for your needs.
  1. Interview best-in-class talent

    We arrange for you to interview highly qualified talent, picked for their technical aptitude, soft skills, and culture fit.
  2. Start working!

    Once the contract is signed, we’ll guide the new hire through our streamlined and holistic onboarding program, so they can hit the ground running!

Our Happy Clients

Career Opportunities - Peterson Technology Partners
  • Clients
  • Consultants
  • Indepth technical and market knowledge

    "We know IT is a very broad context and many times it's understanding the business context and the skills needed. And then being able to assess the market and save the time. You guys are instrumental on screening or finding the right candidates, which typically takes a lot of time."

    - Julian HirjoiAVP, Enterprise Data Services (Data Products, BI and Analytics)
  • Building rockstar teams

    When you build a team full of rockstars, it lifts everybody up and challenges everybody else to do even better. PTP helped us find more rockstars than anybody else. Thank you for that.

    - Pat MoroneyChief Information Officer
    Central State Funds
  • Excellence in service guaranteed

    The primary thing is really just the quality of the resources that I received. Relationships are nice, but at the end of the day, we need good resources to help us execute on the projects and commitments. And I always got excellent resources from PTP. And I've worked with a lot of suppliers and I didn't always get the same level of quality and consistency in quality.

    - David KentSenior Director, Architecture
    US Foods
  • Committed to consultants

    Peterson Technology Partners is a great company to work with. They take the time to understand the needs of their staff and work closely with them to solve issues. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy staff augmentation services for Software Engineers.

    - Leandro GabrielliConsultant
  • Believe in communication

    Peterson has been an amazing place to have been a part of. From the 1st call I received from my recruiter; she has been a delight to bridge me to all people even before I started. She has never let my call go unattended or any question unanswered.

    - Prajna JanardhanConsultant
  • Dedicated to creating a supportive workplace

    Over the past 10 years, I have been consistently impressed with PTP's dedication to creating a supportive work environment and fostering professional growth. Their personal understanding and empathy during difficult times have also made a significant impact on my experience as an employee.

    - Rahul NagendraConsultant

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the main responsibilities of a business software analyst?

    Business software analysts get to collaborate with experts from across your organization to help you in guiding the company’s next steps. Since every company runs slightly differently, with many possible business goals in mind, it can be challenging to create a one-to-one record of a day in the life of a ‘typical’ BA analyst – and even more so when you look to hire one. Here’s a quick list of the basic qualifications you should keep in mind when hiring for business analyst roles:

    • Review and understand key business requirements
    • Interpret data models to comprehend the levers that may affect a given KPI
    • Propose solutions addressing new strategies or edits to existing plans
    • Measure and optimize outcomes of new and subsequent data-driven decisions to assess solution effectiveness
  • How can I hire business technology analysts through PTP?

    Hiring business technology analysts from PTP is easy! Just fill out the form below with your contact information, and a PTP recruiting specialist will reach out to start the process. They’ll zero in on you and your business’ needs, craft job listings to your exact specifications, promote the job posting, help you screen for interviews, and much more.

  • What are the average qualifications of IT business analysts at PTP?

    Hiring IT business analysts can be tricky because of the need for candidates to have successfully mastered both business and IT concepts at a very high level. While some tech-heavy roles may still not require much in the way of formal training, eschewing it in favor of real-world results, these jobs are complex, and they’re each a little different from organization to organization. In general, the following qualifications are good starting points to review and bear in mind when you begin your search:

    • A bachelor’s degree, typically in a quantitative discipline (e.g., math, data science, or finance).
    • A master’s degree is not required for most entry level positions, but some projects may benefit from an MBA or a master’s in data science.
    • Related professional certifications like Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate and others.
    • Work experience as a business analyst or similar.
    • Superior communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.
  • How can I hire the best business solutions analysts for my business?

    Hiring experienced business solutions analysts is a tough job, but if you want to deliver on the full promise of your company’s software development efforts, it has to be done. While you can hire without the help of a trusted, experienced partner, why take the chance? PTP’s professional recruitment specialists take the time to understand your team’s toughest challenges and to match you with an experienced business analyst consultant who’s the best fit for your needs.

Hire Business Analysts

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