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When Apple announced the first iPhone in January of 2007, entire technological paradigms were upended within the space of one short surprise tucked into a Macworld keynote speech. The iPhone heralded a new way of looking at the world, and a more visual, engaging means of fostering human connection. Then, only one year later, Apple repeated their world-changing keynote feat, launching the now famous iOS App Store, which now claims over 180 billion applications have been downloaded to date. Suddenly, talented developers found their dreams of creating custom iOS applications that run natively on the iPhone platform could actually come true, and the world has absolutely never been the same.

From our perspectives some 15 years later, becoming an iOS mobile developer presents a wonderful career option for individuals with lots of technological acumen. With an estimated over 1.3 billion iPhones sold since the line launched in 2007 and considering Apple’s sizable ~20% share of the mobile device market, you can look forward to decades of challenging and satisfying development work. Let’s explore some more career possibilities from the world of iOS development!

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Why should I become an Apple iOS developer?

The best iOS developers know that Apple’s mobile ecosystem lets you show your creative side — if you can dream up an app concept, you’re one big step closer to making that concept a reality. But first, you’ve got a choice to make: Will you create games, or will you develop applications?

iOS application developer jobs

Companies of all kinds need iOS developers on their team to best serve customers who’ve chosen to use Apple products. Pre-vetted for users by Apple’s stringent App Store security practices, your own applications will go on to take many forms, limited only by your creativity. Whether you enjoy the finer points of UI and front-end development, or you’re a database management master, there’s a need for your talents.

iOS game development Jobs

While games are a subset of applications on iOS, they’re very prevalent, with mobile games making up almost 14% of apps offered for download on the App Store. In the United States alone, the mobile gaming market is projected to be worth over $170 billion by the end of 2023. There’s no better time to start an iOS developer career and make your own gaming dreams come true.

Build a Career in iOS App Development

Dive into opportunities that redefine the application landscape.
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What skills do you need to become an iOS developer?

  • iOS programming jobs

    Programming Abilities

    When starting out as a native iOS developer, you’ll have a few different programming languages to master by way of a first step. In general, modern iOS mobile developer jobs are looking for experience coding in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch. You’ll also want to be familiar with standard iOS libraries, and it wouldn’t hurt to pick up JavaScript proficiency, either.

  • Xcode and Other IDE Experience

    An Integrated Development Environment (or IDE) is where lots of application development work actually happens. These programs are special tools designed to facilitate the creation of error-free, optimized code. As an iOS developer, you’ll be spending a lot of time in Xcode, a powerful iOS IDE that you’ll need to know – and know well

  • Qualitative and Problem-Solving Skills

    As an iOS mobile developer, you want to posit a solution for a problem a prospective customer is having, ideally before they’ve even identified that they’re experiencing it. To be able to deliver on this promise, though, you must be able to work through problems and find unique, efficient solutions.

  • Project Management and Planning Skills

    If you want to lead an iOS development project someday, you must get comfortable managing projects (and people!), factoring in ongoing work, future requests, and unexpected priority shifts into your timetable for launch. Make sure you’re able to plan, and pivot, whenever necessary.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork Skills

    Tech is (typically) a team sport! While you can get a vague idea of what it’s like at an iOS mobile app development job when working solo, it won’t be the full day-to-day picture, and most large/enterprise iOS developer projects are completed collaboratively. So, make sure you’re comfortable working as part of a larger tech team – collaborating, communicating, and working through problems as a unit.

What are the future prospects for iOS application developers?

When you consider a career change, it’s important to understand the overall future of the field you’re entering, as well as how your new career will impact your life. Developers as a rule tend to be well-compensated, with US Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates indicating that entry-level salaries average into the low six figures. By examining market trends as well as salary information, it’s clear that becoming an iOS developer is a solid, future-proof career choice.

Apple is very clearly disinclined to shut off iPhone production or retire iOS as an operating system or key component of their brand. The operating system is still receiving frequent updates, with iOS 16 released in September 2022 and announcements already made that iOS 17 will ship this autumn. It’s unlikely that we will see any drop in iPhone usage from the end user side, either; Apple has been very successful in engaging with customers on many different levels to delight and drive future brand loyalty. Taken together, all of this means that if you have the considerable skill set needed for success at an iOS app job, it’s a fantastic time to make the leap!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is becoming an iOS developer a good career choice?

    Yes! While recent innovations in IoT and wearable technology excite us with glimpses of how we’ll communicate and interact in the near future, it’s still a great time to start your iOS developer career. Apple shows no signs of veering away from iOS as their major mobile operating system, and Apple iOS developers continue to tweak and improve it. This stability, in addition to the need for iOS and mobile application developers across many different industries and specializations, makes the field an extremely and uniquely rewarding opportunity for technically minded individuals.

  • What are some of the most common roles in iOS application development?

    While the design of mobile phones has largely been settled and without many significant deviations for many years now, the applications our devices host inside remain very different. An app is limited only by the bounds of the App Store and by an iOS app developer’s creativity and skill level. While iOS applications used to be very simple, able to be maintained by just one or two individuals, most modern apps require a full team to create and maintain. Here are some of the roles you may discover on that team:

    • iOS Application Designer – These professionals are tasked with designing and integrating an application’s user interface (UI). Generally speaking, they strive to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing, abide by Apple’s various guidelines, and easy for users to navigate.
    • iOS App Developer – A coding-intensive role requiring mastery in several programming languages, these developers create the application’s functionality in code. They also ensure that the app’s codebase is functional, properly annotated, and easy for future developers to work with.
    • iOS App QA Tester – As the top iOS developers in the world surely know, QA is a very important step in the software development life cycle. QA Testers comb iOS applications for bugs before release, ensuring they will be error-free at launch.
  • What are the job responsibilities of an Apple mobile developer?

    As a dedicated iOS developer, you’ll have a lot of different tasks, priorities, and deadlines that you’ll need to manage and balance throughout each day. And to add another dimension to the puzzle, while you’ll be working as part of a collaborative development team, you’ll still be expected to operate independently and with initiative. But don’t worry – if you’re tech savvy to the core, the following list of common iOS mobile developer job responsibilities will sound more like play than it does work:

    • Create iOS applications that are cleanly coded, responsive, and adhere to Apple’s Human Interface Design Guidelines (among other accessibility and performance standards)
    • Conduct QA testing of the new application to ensure an error-free launch state
    • Provide ongoing application support, including troubleshooting and deploying bug fixes
    • Refactor, improve, and optimize an app’s existing codebase for better functionality or to suit a new business need
  • What are the qualifications required to become an iOS app developer?

    Entry level iOS jobs might not require too much from you as a prospective candidate, but on the other hand, it’s far from an easy road if you want to become a full stack iOS developer (to use a very complex example). Detailed knowledge of the iOS developer stack takes time and experience to build, and every organization has slightly different requirements for hiring, but the following qualifications are a good example of the baseline requirements for iOS developers:

    • A bachelor’s or master’s degree, ordinarily in a STEM subject
    • Professional experience developing applications for iOS devices
    • A comprehensive understanding of iOS databases and libraries, as well as any necessary third-party APIs and libraries
    • Strong analytical, logical, and qualitative reasoning skills
    • Soft skills that support teamwork, like communication and collaboration
  • What are the industries that hire iOS mobile engineers?

    There’s demand for iOS application developer jobs in virtually every modern industry, simply due to Apple’s current status as one of two main mobile device market competitors. While a desire to develop an iOS application can and does arise from within any industry, these are some of the most common modern industries hiring native iOS developers:

    • Entertainment
    • Retail and eCommerce
    • Education
    • Government and Defense
    • Hospitality

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