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When was the last time you thought about hacking? If you’re like most people, it was probably the last time a celebrity’s phone got hacked, ages ago when that was still a news item. But the threat of having your data compromised is all too real. Hackers aren’t just movie villains anymore; they’re real criminals, and if they’re successful, they make off with real cash. By 2025, experts estimate that around $10.5 trillion USD per year will be lost to cyber-attacks. Even the most powerful technology companies aren’t immune; Google and Facebook have both been victims of breaches (conducted by the same hacker, yet) within the past two decades. But there’s hope: There are tons of information security analyst jobs posted today, and with talented jr soc analysts joining the fray daily, there will be plenty of experts ready to defend our valuable data stores.

Have you ever been hacked? Maybe you have, and you’re now on a mission to make sure nobody else gets victimized! Or maybe you haven’t, and so when hackers target your friends and family, you’re the one they turn to for help. Either way, if you have exceptional technical abilities, you could be a great candidate to start your next career working in tech as a security architect.

Become a Security Architect

Build powerful and highly-secure cybersecurity solutions to protect against cybercrime.
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What does a security architect do?

A security architect is a key component of an organization’s cybersecurity team, helping to create the company’s overarching security system and secure valuable company data from bad actors. Security architect jobs used to be 100% on-site, but thanks to technology, nowadays professionals can work from almost anywhere in the world.

Security analyst jobs: On-site

If you prefer the routine of working on-site, you’ll find plenty of industries with a need for on-site cyber analysts, cyber security architects, and many more specialist roles besides. Being located close to the company’s network infrastructure can make certain tasks less cumbersome, and may positively affect your team’s incident response times.

Cyber security analyst jobs: Remote

If you’re more comfortable operating remotely, remote information security analyst jobs are also available. Since technology has permitted it, which is still fairly recent, these roles have been possible to perform from almost anywhere in the world. Provided that your organization as a whole is well set up for remote work, this could be an optimal working environment.

Become a Security Architect

Build powerful and highly-secure cybersecurity solutions to protect against cybercrime.
Apply now and take the next step in cybersecurity.

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What technical skills do you need to build a career in IT security?

  • iOS programming jobs

    Programming/Scripting Abilities

    As with most highly technical roles, if you want to get a job in IT security, you’ll need to write code, and a lot of it. If you can, make sure you’re comfortable coding in several languages; many professionals recommend Java, JavaScript, Python, and C as good starting points. Try to code cleanly so your team can always jump in and help!

  • Networking/Sysadmin Knowledge

    Working in a security architect job means you’ll be responsible for the safety and security of the company’s entire network. That’s a tall order, so you’ll want to be an expert when it comes to networking protocols, configuration, firewall management, virtual machines, and lots more. Nobody said these jobs were easy!

  • Understanding of System Architecture

    Information security architect jobs also require that you have an in-depth understanding of modern operating systems, not just a focus on how they connect to the network. Generally speaking, this means you’ll need to be very familiar with Windows, Linux (typically Kali), and MacOS. If you’re not an expert yet, set these systems up in virtual machines and practice two key infosec concepts at once!

  • Threat Detection and Risk Analysis

    Managing risk and exposure to threats is the bread and butter of IT security analyst jobs. You’ll need to act fast and identify potential weaknesses in the organization’s security practices as well as advise when critical system upgrades are required.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork Skills

    Tech is a team sport! As a cybersecurity risk analyst, for example, while you won’t need to be as comparatively chatty as your colleagues on software development teams, you’ll still need to share important information with the business from time to time. Make sure your active listening and empathy skills are in top shape, and you’ll do great.

What are the future prospects for IT security analysts?

If you’re looking for security analyst jobs, you’ll be happy to know that, like the majority of positions in tech, most cybersecurity analyst jobs have very good current and future job prospects. Since nobody’s very eager to return to the pre-digital world or way of doing business, and with new technology advancing at an exponential pace, someone is going to need to safeguard all the systems that support modern life. Even in challenging times, companies will make room in their ledgers for security matters.

As far as salary and growth potential go, the field is an excellent choice: Even a junior IT security analyst can expect a starting salary that will be well above most other non-tech positions, and for experienced professionals the career can become quite lucrative indeed. The United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates the average salary of an information security analyst at over six figures, and reports that demand for jobs in the field is growing faster than that of other occupations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is becoming a security analyst a good career choice?

    Yes! Security analyst jobs are themselves secure, due to the mission critical nature of cybersecurity. Since no company actively wants to skimp on protecting themselves from hackers, these positions tend to be difficult to obtain, but very secure once you are established. Cyber security analyst jobs also tend to pay quite well, with median salaries trending around the six-figure mark, and even positions requiring less experience tend to start out with a compensation boost. With no end of demand for cyber security professionals in sight, this career path will remain a strong choice for tech-minded individuals for a long time.

  • What are some of the most common roles in security analyst positions?

    As a cyber security analyst, there are several different roles and functions you’ll need to be familiar with to be successful. You’ll be responsible for essentially the company’s entire network, hardware and software, inside and out. While every organization’s security setup is different, meaning no two junior security analysts will have quite the same daily schedule, there’s still some overlap. Here are a few generalized example roles to help you get the idea:

    • Sysadmin: Manage software installations and the update process for all systems and machines within the organization.
    • Network Monitor: Scan, identify, and prevent malicious pieces of code from taking action on the network.
    • Researcher: In SOC analyst jobs, there’s no such thing as “superfluous information.” Anything is a potential threat vector, and everything’s possible, so make sure you’re on top of tech news and trends to plan your preventive measures.
  • What are the job responsibilities of an information security analyst?

    Information security analyst jobs are hyper-strategic positions located at the heart of a company’s defense systems. These experts have a lot on their plates, being responsible for the bulk of the organization’s security system and being tasked with codifying an emergency response plan in case of a true cyber-attack. To provide an optimal defense, a senior security analyst needs to be up to date on the current threat landscape at all times. Here are a few more duties that you’ll get to do in security analyst jobs:

    • Install, configure, and update security/encryption software
    • Routinely test the security system for weaknesses (penetration testing)
    • Monitor and report on security breaches, tracking the extent of damage and any organizational response
    • Remain informed about security trends and new cyber security threats
  • What are the qualifications required to become a security architect?

    If you are thinking of becoming a security architect, it’s a wonderful career path with great future options, but you must have a solid plan to get yourself there. It isn’t necessarily an easy path to attain all of the required qualifications and experience, but if you are technologically minded, diligent, and dedicated, you will achieve your goal. Here are a few examples of the qualifications you might see when looking for IT security architect jobs:

    • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a STEM field (computer engineering, etc.)
    • Certifications, like Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and others that demonstrate you are up to speed with trends and best practices
    • Analytical, logical, and qualitative reasoning aptitude
    • Communication and collaboration skills (or “soft skills”)
  • What are the industries that hire IT security architects?

    Almost every organization needs security architects in some capacity or another, particularly when doing business online. Due to this universality of demand, you can find security analyst jobs at lots and lots of different companies — no matter what your special interest is, you might be able to make a difference to that field through shoring up its cybersecurity practices. Here are just a few examples of the fields that hire for SOC analyst jobs:

    • Banking and finance
    • Insurance
    • IT/Technology
    • eCommerce and Retail
    • Healthcare

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