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What Is PTP Consulting?

Our team of highly qualified experts brings over two decades of experience working for some of the biggest names in IT and retail to craft professional services that are customized to address your unique need.

  • Who We Are
  • What do we do?
  • PTP Consulting is comprised of the best team of IT consultants in AI/ML, web development, Salesforce, CRM, campaign management, and customer support. Our team has over 20 years of experience in delivering state-of-the-art IT solutions, including consultation, implementation, and support, to small- and medium-sized businesses.

    Specializing in IT consulting and recruitment, PTP has worked with clients from a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare, insurance, recruiting, and more. Our experts employ multiple operating models, using onsite, nearshore, and offshore development teams, to build round-the-clock support services and meet client deliverables.

  • There was a time when operating globally meant a multi-phase investment in scouting and developing a base of operations in offshore locations. Something only MNCs and the biggest employers could afford.

    No longer.

    With the right guidance and the right teams, taking your operations global is no longer the challenge it once was. Our consulting team has the expertise, experience, and insight you need to break international barriers and build highly-tuned project development processes.

    We don’t just build roadmaps. We build roads.

    We'll craft experiences that bring your stakeholders together around a curated table of possibilities, illuminated by the data and trends that matter most for your business. This experiential approach fosters strong decisions and sustainable alignment.

    From there, we'll co-create actionable plans and stay connected all the way through to real-world results.

Salesforce Optimization

Data Science

Data comes in different formats and each industry has its unique requirements for storage, management, and analytics. Organizations are struggling to manage these vast amounts of data and so analyze only a small fraction to gain business insights.

With our experience in data management, data integration, governance, and AI-driven data analytics, PTP is the ideal partner for organizations looking to take full advantage of their data and gain a competitive advantage.

Our services cover the entire life cycle of data (on-premises or cloud-based), including:
• Integration of data from multiple sources such as ERP, CRM, and MDM systems
• Advanced analytics, driven by machine learning to reduce risk and provide accurate predictions
• Democratization of Business Intelligence by enabling self-service reporting


Imagine interacting with workspaces on the other side of the globe, from the comfort of your own office. Holding training and development sessions with your staff with no one having to leave their homes. Giving potential employees, even ones on a different continent, a glimpse into your company’s work culture and employee experience. There are vast applications of VR/AR tech in recruitment and training and can bring real-world benefits to your business.

Our team of Unity developers is working on creating different VR/AR experiences for recruiting and training solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does PTP Consulting Work?

    Our expert team of professional service leaders provide specialized IT consulting and team-building services and deliver customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

  • What industries does PTP Consulting operate in?

    PTP Consulting specializes in IT and tech. Our specializations are:
    • AI and ML
    • VR and AR
    • Data Analytics
    • Cybersecurity
    • DevOps
    • Salesforce optimization
    • CRM and Campaign Management
    • Customer Support Operations

    Our team has experience working in multiple industries including retail, healthcare, insurance, recruiting, and more.

  • What are the advantages of PTP Consulting?

    The PTP Consulting team is capable of strategizing, building, and deploying teams organized around a variety of different operating models.

    We specialize in building onsite, nearshore, and offshore development teams.

    We provide round-the-clock support services and FTS outsourcing models to meet client deliverables.


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