Looking at COVID-19 From a Different Perspective… Candidates and Recruiters

by Pranav Ramesh
April 22, 2020

Author: Dr. Reena Shah

COVID-19 has hit us from all directions at once. We must take this situation seriously as it can cause severe illness, loss of life, and could even cripple our economy. In such a situation it’s hard for most of us to stay positive, but it’s critical we all accept the reality. We just need to deal with it.

The pandemic has backed all of us into a corner, but it’s time to push back. This means we need to define new ways of working and to open new business opportunities.

It’s time we create an antidote to the constant negative messaging and stay positive.

Let’s look at the positive side of COVID 19 from the angle of both the Candidate and the Recruiter.

Be Creative

Candidate’s side:

In this tough situation, many employers are laying off or downsizing or even if you are on your job ( working from home) it’s time to see what’s next. How can you spend your quality time sharpening your axe or developing your hobbies?

This can also be an alternate source of income for you. It’s time to learn new skills so that when things return to normal, you’re the first one to get back to work.

Recruiter’s side:

For recruiters, this is really a blessed time to be more creative in their workspace. As a recruiter, you know what positions your client is looking for throughout the year.

Use this time to create an active database of candidates accordingly.

Build your pipeline now so that when your clients become more active you already have the right candidate to close the position.


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Optimize Your Time

Candidate’s side:

Now is not the time for us to bury our heads in the sand. If we have more time, let’s use it wisely. Read a book, do some indoor exercise, learn to meditate, or develop new hobbies.

Enjoy and appreciate this family time with your kids, grandkids, parents, and spouse.

Lastly, don’t forget to strengthen your spiritual beliefs and give thanks for what you do have.

Recruiter’s side:

If you are working from home, you at least have that 8-9 hours to focus, learn, and grow. Find new ways to recruit, learn new technical or communication skills, find groups and seminars to network with people virtually, systematically clean and manage your database and pipeline. Although you may receive fewer positions from your clients, aim for 100% conversion on those you do have. Everyone benefits from you and your company to the client and candidate.

Develop Your Vision

Candidate’s side:

It’s time to set new goals and be ready for the worst. We’ve all learned, recently, that life is no “bed of roses”. These tough times have taught us the true value of family, friends, and the heroes working on the front lines to keep us safe.

Use this new-found appreciation and understanding to determine who you are and who you ultimately want to become.

Recruiter’s side:

The economy can dip at any time, crisis or not, so it’s important to always be ready for it.

As a recruiter, you should understand and get information about which clients are hiring ahead of time. Be proactive with, and for, them.

The time-tested saying Don’t put all your eggs in one basket has never been more true than it is right now.

Become the eyes and ears for your candidate so that you can help them find employment both now and in the future.

Give Back

Both for Candidates and Recruiters:

It’s time to take a look inside yourself. Nobody gets to where they are without some help here and there.

Now is the time to give back to your community.

It’s time to stand together and help as much as you can.

Be Determined

Both for Candidate and Recruiter:

Even this too shall pass.

Nature is rejuvenating.

With mental strength, focus, and determination, we will bounce back together.

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand”

– Harry S. Truman

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