15 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning Your Job Search

by Pranav Ramesh
April 28, 2020
Essential self-reflection questions for job seekers

Author: Marcos Vargas

Starting a new job search can certainly be intimidating. X marks the spot, but only if you’re following a map (i.e. a plan). As long as you have the right attitude, a firm idea of what you want, and a plan, you’ll be successful.

Most importantly, start by getting the word out that you are looking for that new position. The perfect opportunity will be more likely to present itself the more people know you’re looking. The majority of job hunters underestimate how useful their network of contacts can be and how they can use this network to extend their search.

With the development of online social networks, your personal collection of contacts is considerably larger than those of job hunters just 5 years ago. It should be fully utilized in all aspects of your search for work.

Create a list of people you know at particular companies that are already in your network. Include on this list everyone who you have worked for, and with, in the past. Also, include professional friends that work within the companies or industry that you are targeting. Cast as large of a net as possible by getting the word out across your network!

To get the best results you must ask yourself the best questions

A few I recommend are:

  1. Did I make a plan and am I committed to following it?
  2. What type of position am I looking for?
  3. Where are these positions located?
  4. What sectors are my target companies mostly in? (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Consulting, etc.)
  5. Who do I know personally that works in these companies or sectors?(Don’t forget about friends of friends, your peers family members, etc.)


6. Did I dig out those old phone numbers I haven’t looked at in years? (If you are a recent grad, ask your parents for a list of contacts within your target area)

7. What are my skills and where would they be valued?

8. What have I been trained to do?(Both in education and experience)

9. Did I include more than just companies with current openings?(If you have the education, training, and/or a strong aptitude for marketing, and a company is currently only looking for a Marketing Manager with 20 years of experience, they will need a Marketing Analyst with 2 years of experience in the near future.)

10. Did I make a list of targeted companies and people within my circle that would find my skillset valuable?

11. Did I cast a large net that still focuses on my plan and target?

12. Did I use all of my personal contacts and resources?

13. Did I create and/or update my professional profile on LinkedIn?

14. Have I connected (using the “invite” feature) with everyone I know? This can be the single strongest method of growing your network!

15. Have I created profiles on all job boards such as Dice, Monster, and Indeed?

Now that you have your plan and have cast a large net you’re ready to start a complete and effective job search.

Happy hunting!

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