What is the 4 Point Promise and Why Should You Care?

by Pranav Ramesh
October 29, 2020

Your project deserves success and you deserve to be the hero who led it there. The key to any project’s success, though, is finding not just the best technical talent for the job, but finding those candidates who can communicate, collaborate, and add to the unique team culture. They also need to be found quickly and, based on project needs, be able to switch gears on the fly.

Over the past 22 years, Peterson Technology Partners has learned that, in order to guarantee our client’s satisfaction and fill those needs, our team must be led by some very specific values. Quality, Speed, Agility, and Process are the cornerstones of our business. So much so that we publicly promise them here.

4 Promises We Maintain to Guarantee Client Satisfaction

1. Quality

The goal of many IT staffing agencies is just to find resumes. The more the merrier seems to be the prevailing strategy. Unfortunately, more isn’t always better. Part of the reason the average executive only spends 6 seconds per resume is that they have to. With a stack of resumes on your desk, many of which are fake or unqualified, it’s impossible to truly find the hidden gems.

We promise our clients they’ll only receive the highest quality candidates to review. Spending over 20 years focusing strictly on finding those diamonds in the rough, while weeding out the rest, gives us the knowledge and experience to do the same for our clients.

2. Speed

The average time to fill technical positions is 66 days, compared to 43 days across sectors. Most IT projects can’t afford to spend over two months just filling the roles they need. This puts many agencies in the unfortunate decision of having to sacrifice speed, quality, or both just to meet their client requirements.

We promise our clients they will receive the best in class candidates within 24-48 hours. By focusing so stringently on IT staffing for Chicago-based clients, we’ve built a network of people that gives us access to exceptional talent, for any requirement, at a moment’s notice.

3. Agility

Many staff augmentation companies try to be everything to everyone. They want to hire candidates across sectors, consult on business strategy, and even build the applications themselves. Because they’re spread so thin, it’s no surprise that 40% of management consulting firms report they have a shortage of top talent.

We promise our clients that we will adapt to any and every IT staffing need they have. From local, Chicago developers to off-shore cloud engineers working U.S. hours, we’re built to pivot. By focusing so narrowly on IT staffing for Chicago-based clients, we’re able to adjust to any need our clients may have.

4. Process

At the start of 2020, there were 1.4 million computer science jobs available but only 400,000 computer science grads with the necessary skills. That leaves roughly 1 million technical jobs that will either go unfilled or be filled with underqualified candidates. Considering 73% of candidates are passive job seekers, not actively looking, top-tier staffing agencies must have a time-tested process with a proven track record of success.

We promise our clients that our exclusive 5 Point Process is the key to both theirs and our success. It’s how we’re able to promise the quality, speed, and agility our current clients have come to expect. By going the extra mile, and filtering not only for fake candidates and technical qualifications, but for personality, communication, and culture-fit as well, we’re able to provide only the top 5% best in class talent. We use this unique process with every candidate, for every client, on every project, every time. No exceptions.


In today’s ever-changing technology world, plans and projects can quickly come off the rails quickly. Deadlines change, requirements evolve, and trends pivot. With so much adaptation it’s easy for any project team to lose sight of its primary purpose.

By dedicating ourselves to our 4 Point Promise, we’re able to guarantee client satisfaction regardless of the situation. By narrowly focusing on information technology recruitment for Chicago-based clients, we promise to always provide the Quality, Speed, Agility, and Process our clients need and deserve, making them the hero of their own story.

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