What is the 5 Point Process and Why Should You Care?

by Pranav Ramesh
November 23, 2020
PTP 5 Point Recruiting Process

Your project deserves success and you deserve to be the hero who led it there. The key to any project’s success, though, is finding not just the best technical talent for the job, but finding those candidates who can communicate, collaborate, and add to the unique team culture. They also need to be found quickly and, based on project needs, be able to switch gears on the fly.

Peterson Technology Partners has spent the last 22+ years perfecting a recruiting process to do just that. We use this process with every IT candidate, for every client, every time. It enables us to guarantee 100% client satisfaction by finding passive candidates no one else can, accepting only the top 5% of candidates, and ensuring only the best-in-class talent.

The PTP 5 Point Recruiting Process consists of:

  • Language & Personality
  • In-Depth Skill Review
  • Live Screening
  • Test Projects
  • Continued Learning

Language & Personality

We know our clients and their teams on a personal level. Matching the right candidate to the right team culture is critical. That all starts by getting to know the candidate, as a person, right from the start. At the beginning of the interview process, we test candidates for soft skills including communication, collaboration, and adaptability. If they are not a good fit for the client’s specific team culture, they do not pass.

Most IT recruiting firms never take the time to get to know their clients. They know a bit about the company, maybe about the product, but they rarely get to know the people and culture. Those that do are often in such a hurry to just get resumes that soft skills are overlooked.

We prevent this, early on, by interviewing every single candidate for soft skills.

In-Depth Skill Review

Next, we interview for technical skills. Our technical recruiters are IT generalists with a solid understanding of the basics and a keen eye for fakes and frauds. If the candidate passes our technical recruiters, they are passed on to one of our dedicated IT specialists. Former IT consultants themselves, these specialists dig deeper into the 1’s and 0’s with each candidate ensuring their expertise is best-in-class.

Many IT staffing firms don’t truly know technology. They have never written an app or hardened a network and, therefore, do not have the ability to separate fact from fiction in an interview. They are forced to take the technical terms in the resume at face value and do not specialize in filtering out fraudulent candidates.

We prevent this by having an in-house technical specialist interview every single candidate for the specific technical skills.

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Live Screening

Today, hiring the right person requires actually meeting them. For us, that means a face-to-face interview in our Chicago office. On the rare occasion when an in-person meeting isn’t possible, we use a series of video interviews. We never move candidates forward simply based on a phone interview.

After just a single phone interview, many recruiting firms pass candidates directly to the client. This passes the responsibility of filtering for authenticity onto the client. When a fake candidate is able to sneak their way past the recruiters, it wastes both the time and energy of the client.

We prevent this by actually meeting every single candidate.

Test Projects

Knowing how to perform the technical work is important, but actually being able to do it is critical. We test IT candidates’ technical abilities through a series of technical challenges. We use a third-party testing platform to ensure exams are always up to date with the latest technology and to prevent cheating. All developers are required to take coding challenges, achieve a passing score, and while on video. We review not only their grade but the recording as well to ensure it was actually them who did it. For transparency, the results of these tests are also shared with the client.

Coding challenges and technical tests can be time consuming and expensive, so many staffing firms skip them altogether. Those that do use them do so inconsistently, only requiring a test under certain circumstances. The tests are often purchased or created once and never updated. They quickly become outdated while the answers are easily found through Google.

We prevent this by testing every candidate, every time, through a constantly updated third-party platform.

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Continued Training

Technology is always evolving so IT candidates need to as well. Our consultants never rest and are constantly learning the latest, cutting-edge tech. In between contracts, they continue learning either in-office or online. We use a variety of training platforms and courses, each specializing in the specific technology that consultant specializes in, to keep them not only up to date but ahead of the trends.

Continued training is often overlooked by IT recruiting agencies. It can be extremely time-consuming to research the newest tech and find or design training around it. If using a third-party learning platform, it can be expensive as well. Most are not willing to make those investments in learning and the expertise of their consultants suffers.

We prevent this by creating or funding training for our consultants to ensure they are always educated on the newest technology.


Your project’s success depends on the quality of your team. Hiring the wrong consultant wastes time and money leading to project delays and overspending. To ensure our clients only receive the best-in-class IT talent, we do things a little differently. Our 5 Point Process takes every step of the process further than competitors and guarantees you get the right person for the right job every time.

PTP helps you in hiring the top IT talent.

Let us connect you with the strongest candidates to help meet your goals; say hello@ptechpartners.com or contact us here.


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