What are the Best Tech Job Sites?

by Pranav Ramesh
January 04, 2021
The Best Job Boards for Tech Jobs

Finding a great job in IT can be a full-time job by itself. While the sector is growing rapidly (it’s expected to add over 531,000 jobs by 2029), so are the number of websites claiming to be the best place to find one’s dream job. Massive job search sites like Monster and Career Builder are good places to start, but if you’re specifically looking for the top IT job sites, check these out!

Topics Covered:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Dice
  • GitHub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Glassdoor
  • AngelList
  • BuiltIn


With over 720 million members, and 50 million companies, registered, LinkedIn is by far the largest professional social network. In recent years, it’s dedicated a lot of resources to becoming a content-focused platform, rather than simply a job board, by adding and encouraging features such as article publishing and stories. Employers typically place as much, if not more, importance on candidates’ LinkedIn profiles than their actual resumes as they give more information in an easy-to-navigate, standardized way. Despite the content push, though, LinkedIn still has over 20 million job listings and should be one of the first job sites a technical candidate considers.


Indeed is still the world’s largest job site, but it will have a slew of non-tech related positions. However, there is strength in numbers, so mixed in with all those other job posts are a bevy of technical jobs. Indeed has added a few features specifically for technology careers, such as Seen by Indeed and Indeed Prime, but the traditional Indeed website still has the most options for IT candidates so long as you’re willing to search.


In recent years, Dice has shifted its focus from being an IT job board to analyzing and reporting on the IT industry as a whole. Its frequent reports about the state of the IT industry are a valuable resource in and of themselves. Still, catering solely to technical jobs and candidates, it’s a great place to hunt for your next position. Dice has also added a Career Development Resources center which can be a great asset for your job search.


If you’re a developer, you may be already familiar with GitHub. It’s where over 56 million developers and organizations host their public and private Git repositories. But did you know GitHub has a job board as well? It’s nowhere near as large as Indeed or LinkedIn but caters to niche roles and positions with very specific coding requirements. If you’re searching for a highly technical job that focuses mostly, or solely, on programming, GitHub may have exactly what you’re looking for.

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Stack Overflow

Much like GitHub, Stack Overflow is a common online hangout for those in IT. You’ve probably used it to search for help with a technical problem or provide answers to others. Stack Overflow has grown to be one of the most visited sites by technical experts in the world, so it’s no surprise they’ve also added a job board. Showing only technical positions, you won’t find the most jobs among these options, but odds are high that you’ll find the right one.


Much like LinkedIn and Indeed, Glassdoor may help you with more than just your IT job search. It provides community-sourced reviews of companies, insights into their company culture, and even reviews of the interview process. It can be a great place to not only research the company you’re applying for but to find jobs as well. Now more than ever companies are focusing on their social brands and digital footprint. Those that hire tend to place a priority on sites that review them such as Glassdoor. It only makes sense, while trying to establish their presence online, that they post their open IT positions here as well.


According to AngelList, it’s much more than a job board. It’s a platform for startups. It connects people from all walks of life, in nearly every stage of business, with each other including entrepreneurs, investors, and the employees they both need to build their company. Because so many startups and new business ventures are tech-focused, it’s no surprise the majority of the job openings are IT related. AngelList is unique in that, after building your personal profile, it allows you to privately apply to over 130,000 jobs with just one application.


At first glance, BuiltIn looks like a technology news website that reports on startups and smaller, local businesses. It’s organized by communities centered in certain large cities (e.g. Chicago) and is a great way to get information about the local tech business scene. While that’s certainly one of BuiltIn’s strengths, it’s far from their only one. Because their focus is on technology, and specifically on certain cities, your chances of finding an IT job nearby is very high. Owing to the pandemic, they have added quite a few remote positions as well so, regardless of your location, it’s worth a shot.


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