The 10 Best IT Jobs of the Future

by Pranav Ramesh
February 16, 2021
10 Best High Paying IT Jobs of the Future

The information technology (IT) landscape is changing faster than ever. While some technical jobs are becoming obsolete, many others are growing exponentially. Now more than ever, candidates are looking for future-proof jobs that will be around for quite some time. Here are ten of the fastest-growing, most promising, and overall best IT jobs of the future you should be looking for.

Topics Covered:

1. Web Developer 2. Operations Research Analyst 3. Information Technology (IT) Manager 4. Software Developer 5. Information Security Analyst 6. Data Scientist 7. DevOps Engineer 8. Solutions Architect 9. Java Developer 10. Cloud Architect

1. Web Developer

What they do: Web Developers are tasked with creating attractive, user-friendly websites that are as fast as they are intuitive. They collaborate with everyone from back-end developers and graphic designers to clients and executives.

Why it’s the best job: Web development is considered the top career for 2021 for a few reasons. The median salary is currently $69,430 while the unemployment rate is only 1.3%. Additionally, employment for web developers is expected to add 20,900 jobs by 2028, an increase of 13%.

2. Data Scientist

What they do: Data Science is an ever-evolving field. It often helps build machine learning models, artificial intelligence algorithms, and recommendation engines across a variety of industries. But one responsibility nearly all Data Scientists have in common is that they collect, clean, organize, and evaluate data in order to provide actionable insight to the business.  Why it’s the best job: Not only is Data Science one of the highest paying technical careers, with a median annual salary of $113,000, but data scientists tend to report some of the highest job satisfaction scores in tech (4.3/5). With nearly 24,000 current job openings, it’s a job market primed for growth.

3. Information Technology (IT) Manager

What they do: IT Managers tend to wear many hats. They are responsible for every aspect of an organization’s technology so they’ll often ensure cybersecurity programs are functioning properly, develop long-term innovation plans for the company, manage the technical day-to-day operations, and more. Executive roles, including CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and IT directors are a few of the titles considered by IT Managers.

Why it’s the best job: The Chicago job market is particularly lucrative for IT Managers with a typical salary range of $117,868 to $144,966. Unemployment of IT Managers is already low, at only 2%, and the demand for this position is expected to increase significantly within the next few years.

4. Software Developer

What they do: Developing software is about more than just writing code. Programming is critically important, of course, but developers work with users and peers to solve complex problems, find ways for different applications to work together, find and fix errors, and optimize existing applications for new systems and purposes. Problem-solving, communication, and collaboration are skills as important as the ability to code.

Why it’s the best job: The current median salary of $103,620 makes software development a top career for 2021. The low unemployment rate (1.6%) and expected growth (26% by 2028) mean companies will be hiring for years to come.

5. Information Security Analyst

What they do: Information Security Analysts monitor computer systems for anything and everything that may pose a security threat. This can range from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and ransomware to insider threats and user error. They’re then responsible for using the security tools and programs provided by the company to help prevent, mitigate, and repair any damage the exposure may have caused.  Why it’s the best job: Security is a constantly growing and changing field. The growth in security threats gives the U.S. Bureau of Labor reason to expect a 31% increase in employment over the next ten years. With a current median salary of $99,730 per year, Information Security Analysts are bound to remain as one of the prime roles of the future.

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6. Operations Research Analyst

What they do: Operations research analysts use predictive modeling and statistics to help companies increase efficiency. They work both in the private sector (often in insurance and finance) as well as the public sector (such as for the Department of Defense).

Why it’s the best job: The median salary for Operations Research Analysts is currently $83,390 with an unemployment rate of 2.1%. It’s also expected to be one of the best jobs for 2021 because employment is expected to increase by 26% by 2028, adding 28,100 jobs.

7. DevOps Engineer

What they do: DevOps, as the shortened name implies, bridges the gap between developers and operations. They’re often tasked with the job of automating processes, streamlining current systems, building tools for deployment, and solving problems across multiple environments (e.g. development, testing, production). The key to becoming a successful DevOps Engineer is often the ability to work collaboratively with many different teams at the same time. Why it’s the best job: The demand for DevOps Engineers is expected to increase by 24% in just the next few years. That combined with a median annual salary of nearly $100,000 making it one of the best job markets for the future.

8. Solutions Architect

What they do: Solutions Architects have to be outstanding problem-solvers and equally strong communicators. They tend to manage some of the most complex processes that a business may face, determine the best technical solution to those problems, and effectively communicate them to all stakeholders to earn their buy-in.  Why it’s the best job: With over 70,000 jobs currently hiring, Solutions Architect is one the most in-demand IT roles on this list. With a median salary of $111,000 as well, it’s positioned to be the best job, both now and in the future.

9. Java Developer

What they do: One of the toughest questions a developer must face is what programming language(s) they should learn. While Python, Javascript, Swift, and many others continue to see growth in their popularity, Java is most commonly used by large businesses worldwide. Java Developers, in that setting, are often creating client-server applications. Additionally, being object-oriented, general-purpose programming can be used to create almost any software solution. Why it’s the best job: Senior Java Developers (5+ years of experience) typically make over $100,000 per year and the market is expected to grow by 26% by 2028. The main draw to the field, though, is its stability. With most of the world’s large companies relying on Java to run their systems, it’s unlikely we’ll see a decline in demand anytime soon.

10. Cloud Architect

What they do: More and more large-scale organizations are making the migration to cloud computing. Cloud Architects may be working on a variety of cloud platforms (including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and/or Microsoft Azure) but their responsibilities tend to stay the same. They are responsible for setting up all of the components needed to store and manage data across many remote servers. This can include setting up both back-end and front-end components, securing the networks, optimizing speed and efficiency, and much more.

Why it’s the best job: Cloud Architects are particularly in demand right now as companies make the digital migration. Because of this, the median salary of $128,418 is one of the highest on this list. As these migrations are completed, demand may decline slightly, but it’s still expected to grow by 5% over the next 7 years.


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