What to Bring to an Interview and What to Avoid?

by Pranav Ramesh
January 21, 2022
Professional attire, resume, and notepad for interview.

Congrats on the interview call. This is the first step towards landing your dream job and we know you’re going to ace it. While it is common knowledge that you need to prepare for the interview, that’s not the only thing that you need to focus on for the big day. From the moment you set foot at the interview location to the time you leave it, you create an impression on your prospective employers. This is your opportunity to show them that you would seamlessly fit into their organizational culture, have the right attitude, and you take this job seriously.

How could you do that? Simple, pay attention to your appearance, the way you walk, and the confidence you resonate with. These intangible aspects of you could be the driving force and what seals the deal in your favor. Here’s how you can leave a long-standing positive impression on the recruiters to increase your chances of a call-back and a job offer.

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Preparing for the Interview


Imagine this—you are the recruiting manager who has scheduled an interview with two potential candidates. One of them arrives dressed in casual clothes and looks unkempt. The other is well-dressed, walks into the office with confidence, carries a folder, and looks well-prepared. Based on your first impression, which candidate are you more likely to favor? The one that looks more presentable and prepared, right?

Irrespective of whom you are meeting about a job interview, it is important to prepare and look presentable. Talk to everyone in the organization with a positive attitude, as the recruiter might discuss your profile with other key members of the organization.

Research the Company


It is important to know your domain and come across as an expert or the right fit for the role. But it is equally important to research the company and prepare talking points on why you would like to be part of the organization. You could check the organization’s soci