Hiring Veterans Can Give Your Company a Fighting Advantage

by Pranav Ramesh
November 09, 2022

“Veterans bring a powerful skillset and real-world experience to many positions…they are resilient, mission-oriented, and forward thinking.” – Jason Frei, president of the Boeing Veteran Engagement Team Business Resource Group and a U.S. Marine Corp veteran 

Despite the uncertain economic times, we are in the midst of a hiring boom. Although some large companies have started scaling back, tech jobs are still in high demand, according to the latest US Department of Labor report. As if the job market isn’t competitive enough, there is a shortage of qualified workers who have the skills tech companies need right now.  

Thankfully, in many ways, we have veterans. This Veteran’s Day, we should give thanks and honor those who served and were willing to sacrifice all to protect our freedom.  

We should also be hiring them. And not just because that is one of the best ways to honor a veteran, but because they are an asset to any team. This isn’t patriotic hyperbole. Several academic studies, including a recent one by PhDs from Syracuse University, make a strong case for the benefits veterans bring to a business’s workforce.  

And companies have taken notice of those benefits in recent years and are hiring more veterans. Indeed, the latest unemployment rate among veterans as of September 2022 was 2.7%, nearly a full percentage point below non-veterans. A continued positive trend wasn’t always the case.  

And Big Tech has recognized the value that veterans bring to the office as well. Giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have active veteran’s affairs divisions with the goal of teaching veterans the tech skills necessary to transition into public-sector employment in the tech industry. All this effort despite veterans making up less than 6% of the US labor force. 

Oh, and they are also actively trying to hire them in the process. So, what does this mean for your company? Should your HR team be actively targeting veterans for roles in your company? Read on to better understand the skills that give veterans an edge and why you should place more emphasis on recruiting them for your organization.  

Strong Teamwork and Leadership Skills 

“Leadership is a two-way street, loyalty up and loyalty down.” – Rear Admiral Grace