Top 3 Trends Driving HR Strategy in 2023

by Pranav Ramesh
February 07, 2023
Human resource trends in 2023

To all the hiring managers and HR professionals out there… we see you.  

It’s been a rough few years. And if your organization is in a better position now than it was in early 2020, you are largely to thank for that.  

You saw the highs – a booming job market, competitive talent pools, and the expansion of big tech. 

And you saw the lows – global economic uncertainty, pullbacks, and most recently a growing wave of layoffs.  

While HR’s importance within its parent organization has finally gotten some recognition – 89% of CEOs now believe HR’s role is critical to the mission – less than half of organizations believe they have given their departments the necessary resources for success.  

However, through it, all you’ve persevered, endured and helped the US labor force transition into new work paradigms, culture, and evolving relationship dynamics between an employee and their team. And though you may not get the full credit you’re due, how you’ve handled the last few years is a large reason for optimism going into 2023 

But good HR managers know how to look ahead and are already preparing for what the next year ahead has in store. Read on to learn about three trends HR departments should watch as 2023 progresses. 

Trend 1: Leadership is Key for Managing Change 

Whether it’s an evolution in tech, the implementation of new regulations, or a global crisis with the power to disrupt macroeconomics; if there is anything that history teaches us is that change is inevitable. The most successful teams are not those that simply react to these changes, but those that effectively manage them. That is only possible with strong leadership at all levels of an organization.  

The vast majority of organizations, 83%, believe leadership development is important at all levels. But it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves recently due to other pressing issues. Only 5% of businesses have implemented a leadership development plan. This is despite the fact HR leaders think leadership effectiveness is the #1 priority, according to Gartner. Yet less than a quarter of those same HR leaders believe their current approach is sufficient moving forward.  

This should be the year for an increased focus on not only acquiring good leaders from without but a renewed emphasis on developing leadership qualities from within. Building a successful leadership development program also promotes a good company culture.  

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