Best Salesforce Certifications for Developers in 2023

by Sheila Mulholland
August 22, 2023
Best Salesforce Certifications for Developers in 2023

“If you’re intimidated by technology, don’t let that stop you… It’s possible. And failure is normal. I was rejected multiple times before I landed my job at Google, and I didn’t pass all my certifications the first time around. It’s all part of the process.” — David Liu, Lead Salesforce Technical Architect, Google 


Technology jobs are famous for three things: High salaries, very complicated work, and “little to no barrier to entry”, as people love bringing up. But it’s never that simple in practice, right? While an exceptionally qualified person might be able to get hired into a senior-level developer role with nothing more than a stellar GitHub portfolio and the proverbial firm handshake, competition for most tech jobs is incredibly intense. Attaining developer-specific Salesforce credentials serves to set you apart and aptly demonstrates your experience to future employers. 

Running the Numbers: Why Get Salesforce Certified? 

While most readers probably know that it’s far from mandatory to hold a Salesforce certification to get experience in working with the platform, or even to develop for it, there are still a handful of very compelling reasons to obtain a Salesforce certification in 2023. There’s the nature of demand for Salesforce-certified developers, which is and has been elevated for some time – and that’s an upward trend that many industry experts estimate will continue through at least 2028. If you’re looking for a stable career path and progression, Salesforce is a proven platform and these certifications, accordingly, are as ‘future-proof’ as possible. 

There’s also the well-documented fact of technology job salaries far outstrip most other occupations – and with the average salary for Salesforce-certified developers clocking in at around $100,000 USD, these roles are no exception. To sweeten the pot just that bit more, it’s estimated that 77% of Salesforce professionals who obtain an official Salesforce credential receive a pay rise of around 20-40%. That’s not bad!

The Salesforce Certification Landscape in 2023 

Now that you know why Salesforce credentials are a good bet, which certification/s will you pursue? The ecosystem of Salesforce certifications is complex, with over 40 different certifications ranging from the Associate level up to Certified Technical Architect – while many advanced exams do have prerequisite levels, much of the Salesforce credentialing system is self-driven, so it’s imperative that you make sure you’re selecting, studying for, and taking the right exam.