Women and Tech Leadership: Trends in 2024

by Rachel Estes
March 13, 2024
women tech leadership

In an industry that prides itself on innovation and progress, it’s disheartening to confront the stark reality that 50% of women who venture into the technology field leave it behind by the age of 35. Among the myriad reasons for this exodus, a significant 31% of women cite dissatisfaction with their job as the driving force behind their departure. This sobering statistic sheds light on the challenges faced by women in tech, who often find themselves grappling with barriers that hinder their professional growth and fulfillment. However, amid these obstacles lies a glimmer of hope—a set of leadership trends poised to empower women in 2024. 

Recognizing the urgent need for change, forward-thinking companies are embracing strategies for women in tech that are designed to uplift and support. Here are some leadership trends that can embolden women in 2024. 


1. Offer Remote Work & Flexibility 

In fostering women’s advancement in tech, the integration of remote work and flexibility into company workforce strategies is a pivotal factor. Not only does remote work offer a reprieve from the microaggressions often encountered in traditional office settings, but it also fosters a sense of safety and belonging crucial for optimal job performance, as highlighted by Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report. The report shows that remote options can elevate job performance by up to 65%. Moreover, the flexibility inherent in remote work enables women to effectively manage their professional responsibilities while balancing familial and personal needs. This newfound autonomy also creates a level of privacy around how time is allocated, mitigating instances where women’s needs may otherwise single them out. 

Alarming statistics reveal the societal pressures faced by women, with 69% feeling compelled to prioritize family over career, can also render work-life balance. The challenges persist post-maternity leave, with a staggering 90% lacking adequate support upon their return to work. It’s evident that the integration of remote work and flexibility not only addresses these systemic issues but also propels women in tech forward by fostering environments conducive to their success. 


2. Be Transparent About Salaries 

Unlocking pay transparency marks a seismic shift in workplace norms, especially for women in tech. As discussions around salaries become more open, driven by equal pay initiatives and a changing landscape of worker bargaining power, women gain newfound agency to assess their true worth. Leadership plays a crucial role in ensuring this transparency by implementing clear policies and practices that promote open discussions about pay and compensation. 

Despite strides in education and talent, women still face unequal pay, a global issue where women earn 16% less in hourly wages and 22% less in monthly wages compared to men. In the US, for every dollar earned by men, women earn a mere $0.82. Transparency will eliminate these disparities and close the gender gap in tech, paving the way for equitable compensation. 


3. Invest in Upskilling 

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, organizations are increasingly turning to AI to revolutionize their operations and drive productivity. As AI ushers in a new era in tech, women can seize this opportunity by upskilling and mastering AI-related competencies. Embracing this trend positions women strategically, equipping them with technical prowess and a deep understanding of technological advancements in their field. Not only does proficiency in AI open doors to greater responsibilities and influence, but it also translates to higher earning potential for women. 

Despite the growing prominence of AI, women remain underrepresented in technical roles. According to a 2023 survey by McKinsey & Company, women comprise only 16% of the workforce in engineering and technology fields. This disparity underscores the importance of companies actively supporting women in upskilling initiatives. By investing in programs that help women acquire new technological skills, organizations not only cultivate a diverse and skilled talent pool but also break down barriers for women to enter and thrive in the tech industry. 


4. Promote Women to Leadership Positions 

Promoting women to leadership positions isn’t just about equality—it’s smart business. Research shows that companies with gender-diverse executive teams are 25% more likely to enjoy above-average profitability. However, the numbers paint a sobering picture: only 10.9% of CEOs and senior leaders are women, with a mere two black women CEOs. 

Want to help improve Black American participation in Tech? Read this article to learn more.  

While the industry standard for the percentage of women employed in tech career positions is 26%, there’s still a glaring gap in leadership roles. McKinsey’s data reveals that for every 100 men promoted to manager roles in tech, only 86 women are given the same opportunity. To address these disparities, leadership must ensure that women with qualified resumes are not only compensated fairly but also given equal opportunities for advancement into leadership positions. Gender equality in tech leadership prompts a more inclusive and diverse  industry, leading to more lucrative business opportunities.  


5. Investment in Women-Led Startups

Investing in women-led startups is pivotal for fostering diversity and innovation in the tech sector.  Despite the substantial ownership of businesses by women in the US, with 42% of all businesses being women-owned, there remains a gender gap in tech entrepreneurship, where only 15% of founders are female. 

However, statistics reveal a promising trend in job satisfaction among self-employed women, with a whopping 75% expressing love for their work. This stands in contrast to the dissatisfaction often experienced by women working for others. In recent years, venture capital firms and angel investors are increasingly recognizing the potential of these ventures, providing more opportunities for women entrepreneurs to access funding and thrive in the industry. By investing in women-led startups, leadership not only supports individual entrepreneurs but also contributes to creating a more inclusive and fulfilling work environment where women can thrive. 



In summary, these leadership trends are driving progress for women in tech by expanding opportunities, nurturing inclusive cultures, and dismantling systemic obstacles to gender equality. Despite these achievements, there’s more work ahead, and ongoing initiatives are crucial to fostering women’s career advancement. It’s imperative to provide equal opportunities for women to flourish and excel in the tech industry, ensuring a future where gender parity is not just a goal but a reality. 


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