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8 Best Jobs for Computer Science Grads with No Experience

Updated: Feb 17

To get most IT jobs, you have to have experience. To gain experience in IT, you have to find a job. As a recent computer science graduate with no job experience, this is a tough catch-22 you are likely to find yourself in.

The best thing you can do to overcome this, apart from staying focused during classes, getting good grades, and building your portfolio, is to find the right job to get your foot in the door. You have to start somewhere, and these are a few roles that are guaranteed to give you that right ‘push’ up the career ladder.

The best jobs for computer science grads with no experience are:

  • IT Support /Help Desk Analyst

  • Software Developer

  • Web Developer

  • QA Analyst

  • Entry Level Business Analyst

  • Jr. Database Administrator

  • System Administrator – Level 1

  • Cybersecurity Specialist

IT Support / Help Desk Analyst

IT support, often referred to as the help desk, is the most common job recent computer science grads tend to start with. It has a relatively low barrier to entry and gives you the experience you will need to advance into almost any technical role. As a support technician and analyst, you will be responsible for fixing problems with hardware, software, networks, and any other technology the company uses. It is a great way to not only learn a variety of IT subjects but to gauge your strengths and passions along the way.

With a strong base in information technology, great problem-solving skills, and the right personality, nearly any recent CS graduate can start building a long-term career in IT from the help desk.

Software Developer

The second most common job recent computer science grads often flock to is that of an entry-level software developer. In this position, you will write and test the code the business is developing, but not alone. You will either be working with a partner, such as in Paired Programming or collaborating with an entire team in an Agile environment. Recent grads who know that development is the technical field they want to work in, often start here to learn real-world software-development processes while putting to use the knowledge they recently gained.

Web Developer

The role of a web developer is another favorite of recent many computer science grads. Commonly used programming languages, like JavaScript for the front-end and Java on the back, are often learned during a typical CS curriculum. Web developers often work with UX specialists to design the overall flow of the site, but the developer is responsible for the end result. If you are a recent grad applying for web developer roles, be sure to have a sharp-looking design portfolio ready to show the employers.

QA Analyst

A Quality Assurance (QA) analyst can be a great role for computer science graduates as it focuses more on testing and less on creating the actual product. It’s the perfect opportunity for those new to IT to learn and experience the development lifecycle and team dynamics before being expected to create from scratch. If you are applying for a QA analyst role, be sure to familiarize yourself with the most modern development practices (i.e. Agile Development) to prepare for the interview.

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Entry Level Business Analyst

Business analysts have a strong understanding of the needs of the business and the newest technologies available. They analyze the company’s needs (both future and current) and industry trends to make suggestions to the business stakeholders about what tech they should adopt. Recent computer science grads often start here as they are more familiar with what’s new and emerging than “the way it should be” at the organization.

Jr. Database Administrator

Database administration can be a bit tougher for a recent computer science grad to get into, but it’s not impossible. DB admins are typically responsible for maintaining databases, rather than creating them from scratch, which can make it a great place to start. Be sure you are up to date on your SQL knowledge when prepping for your database administrator interview.

System Administrator – Level 1

It is unlikely that a recent computer science graduate will step right into this role without some prior experience. If, however, you worked or did a high-profile internship doing system administration during school, it is possible. SysAdmins are responsible for every aspect of a business’s’ technical systems. Depending on the business, that could be a variety of different things. Many new grads start in IT support on their way to becoming a System Administrator, as that role can be a launching pad to the widest variety of other technical roles.

Cybersecurity Specialist

Becoming a Cybersecurity Specialist is the dream of many recent computer science graduates. But only a handful actually realize it, given the complexity of this role. If your specific CS curriculum focused on networking and security, and you have earned industry-recognized certifications like the CompTIA Security+, and gained practical, real-world experience during school, there is a chance you may find a junior role as a cybersecurity analyst. If not, look towards the IT support or System Administration path while you build your resume and learn on the job.


Graduating with a degree in computer science is an outstanding achievement and you should be proud! Take a day or two to revel in your greatness, but then you need to get back to work again; both literally and figuratively. Land one of these best jobs for computer science grads with no experience and start building your resume today. Your future self will thank you for it!

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