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Security Problems Can Be Caused By New Household Devices

Recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the target of many recent cyber-attacks. According to a recent article written just yesterday by Cheryl V. Jackson from the Chicago Tribune, “With more and more household devices connected to the internet of things, potential security problems are swiftly multiplying.” The key to mitigating these risks and managing them is for industries to locate and address these issues before the government can interfere.

One of the most notable risks of future attacks is the fact that most IoT devices have software that is open to attacks and this makes them vulnerable to be taken advantage of by remote attackers. In Jackson’s article, she references Kevin Bandy, chief digital officer at Cisco, who stated that his company is attacked 2 million times per hour. Yes; you read that correctly 2 MILLION TIMES PER HOUR!

As new technologies are being developed, it’s easy to become enticed by new electronics that provide us with a surplus of possibilities. However, as tech-users, we should continue to communicate and make people aware of the possible threats that are present when we choose to operate and connect to these devices. In the same article Sanjay Sarma, dean of digital learning at MIT states, “Over time we will need some very clear regulations on privacy. For example, if you sell your Tesla, who owns your driving record – Tesla, you or the person who bought the car?” To our readers, if you have experienced anything like this first-hand, please share your story below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.