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PTP is a global staffing and consulting managementfirm. This means being ready and willing to provide IT solutions not just for clients across the globe, but also to source talent from multiple locations around the world.

Our well-established talent pipelines in talent rich global destinations such as India, allow us to provide round-the-clock support for your projects by building offshore teams that can operate at maximum efficiency even when you’re off the clock.

By extensively exploring talent markets in our immediate neighborhood, primarily Mexico, Argentina, and Belize our team has built best-in-class talent pipelines that are cost-effective and can deliver high-quality, dedicated offshore developers from nearshore destinations.

Why go Global?

Over the last few decades, the offshoring of services has proved to be a remarkable phenomenon in the eco-social environment of international business.

  • 66%

    of U.S businesses outsource at least one department.

  • 78%

    of the global outsourcing market provide IT and Tech related services.

  • 80%

    of organizations today depend on sustainable talent sourcing solutions to keep operations on track.

The received wisdom of the last few decades has been to travel when searching for talent. Companies and recruiters regularly turn to far afield locations like India or Eastern Europe to source talent and build offshore teams, for cost-efficient and high-quality solutions

  • What is offshore development?
  • What is nearshore development?
  • Offshore development is the process of utilizing the services of a team located in a remote location to develop products (for example, software) for use in your home country. PTP builds offshore development teams using agile frameworks that are designed to be self-sufficient. Our dedicated offshore developers are capable of delivering end-to-end services, regardless of location.

  • Nearshore recruitment is a subset of offshore development where you source talent from adjacent countries. In the U.S. context, that would mean building dedicated offshore teams located primarily in Central and South American. At PTP we specialize in building teams based in Mexico, Belize, and Argentina, offering high-quality and cost-effective services.

    In recent years nearshore recruitment has grown as a service distinct from offshore recruitment. Companies have started to recognize that not all offshore team building needs to happen in far-away destinations which operate in a completely different time-zone or have vast cultural differences.

Building the perfect team

Remote working has made offshore teams a reality. But it takes more than just video conferencing tech to build offshore development teams that work well together. What is the secret ingredient?

Here at PTP we’ve developed some tried and tested processes that help us build the best teams every time:

  • Onboarding Process - PTechPartners

    The process begins with onboarding

    Our onboarding team is skilled at managing the onboarding of talent from multiple sources and keeps the process fully transparent for the team members. Our onboarding strategy ensures that every consultant who works with PTP is thoroughly briefed about our work ethos and company culture and has an opportunity to engage with other team members.

  • PTP's Recruiting Workflow Integration

    You need to build smooth workflow integration

    PTP's recruiting teams are trained to source talent from multiple destinations and integrate them into effective and uniform teams. This prevents disruption for the clients and helps them with their teambuilding.

  • Best IT Recruiting Firms - PTechPartners

    Set clear expectations

    When crossing any organizational boundary, or indeed a cultural one, there will be differences in both value systems and expectations. What you consider acceptable and of good value, might not be viewed the same way by your offshore teams—especially when it comes to quality, security, and user experience.

The PTP model

  • Peterson Technology Partners - Vision And Roadmap

    Vision & Roadmap

    • Analyse and report on business challenges
    • Set goals and define minimal viable product
    • Define execution strategy for stakeholders
  •  PTechPartners Build Agile Team

    Build Agile Team

    • Build and manage onsite and offshore scrum teams
    • Combine global teams to provide round-the-clock productivity
  • IT Consulting Solutions - PTP


    • Execute sprints
    • Share regular progress with scrum teams
    • Sprint review
  • Learn & Rectify - PTechPartners

    Learn & Rectify

    • Sprint Closure
    • Retrospective analysis
    • Velocity and capacity tracking for future sprints
  • DevOps - Peterson Technology Partners


    • Conduct deployment of solutions
    • Support handovers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between nearshore vs offshore development?

    Nearshore refers to outsourcing to countries located in close proximity with similar time zones. For example, a nearshore location that PTP operates in is Mexico.

    Offshore refers to outsourcing to far-away countries with considerable time zone differences. For example, an offshore location that PTP operates in would be India.

  • How do Agile teams work in an offshore development model?

    To build successful offshore development teams operating on an Agile framework you need to follow three basic rules:

    1. Balanced Team Structure: Source talent from onsite and offshore destinations to create a balanced team structure.

    2. Focus on communication: Communication is key in running successful global development models. Daily standups with everyone on the team is a must.

    3. Build across overlapping time zones: To ensure that there is sufficient time given to each team for handovers and clarifications ensure a 2 to 3 hour overlap between time zones.

  • What are the advantages of using offshore teams?

    There are 3 key advantages to using offshore teams:

    • • Reduced Costs
    • • Wider talent pool
    • • Work round the clock
  • What are the advantages of using nearshore teams?

    Having worked with Fortune 100 clients and having helped them build some great near- and offshore teams, we have learned that there are a few significant advantages to working with near-shore teams.

    • • The time difference is minimized.
    • • It’s as cost effective as offshore teams
    • • Fewer cultural differences
    • • Easy to travel
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