Fight the Crisis with Self Help and Come Back Better and Stronger!

by Pranav Ramesh
April 10, 2020

Author: Tina Singh

The whole world is facing the biggest international crisis of our time: The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Unfortunately, many lives have already been lost while even more are close. This situation affects not only the physical health of the infected but the mental health of the entire world.

Recent reports have shown a drastic increase in depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns due, largely, to the current situation. People aren’t only becoming infected, but heavily fearing getting sick ourselves or our loved ones.

COVID-19 has also lead to a huge economic crisis leading many to worry about losing their jobs. Many companies already have done mass lay-offs, downsizing, and furloughs because of the crisis.

Is getting depressed and worrying about the problem our only option?

Absolutely not!

We can always find a positive side when we look hard enough.

Those people who have lost their jobs and are quarantined at home have ways to fight the current situation. After every dark night follows a new day.

We should use this time for Self-Realization and Self- Improvement.

We should try to improve ourselves Physically, Mentally and Professionally.

Most Important, obviously, is physical health, though mental health cannot be overlooked.

We should feel blessed to be still alive and safe in the current climate.

Stay physically and mentally healthy during this stressful time with some simple daily practices:

  • Do some Exercise daily at Home.
  • Eat homemade and healthy food.
  • Keep yourself and surroundings clean.
  • For mental health do Meditation daily.
  • Do some activities that make you feel happy : Reading, Writing, Gardening, Painting, Singing, etc.

For professional growth, we can make optimize and utilize this extra time wisely.

Let’s increase our market value!

Yes, it’s a very difficult time, but we know it will pass and we will get back to our normal lives. Why not try to come back better?

Let’s work on our shortcomings. Improve our skill sets. Increase our technical strength.

Here are a few things you can do, starting today, to prepare yourself for a triumphant return to the job market:

  • Work on your communication skills
  • Work on your overall personality development.
  • Watch online tutorials related to your skill.
  • Prepare and practice for video interviewsCheck out some great tips here!
  • Watch videos and tips to improve your interviewing soft skills.
  • Take free online courses! Certifications can help you in the future.

Just use this time in the best way you can and try to convert this crisis into a blessing.

These are just a few tips. We can do a lot more as depending on our own personal Needs and Deeds.

Just ‘Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Strong’ so we can all together will come back ‘Much Better and Much Stronger’.

Written by: Tina Singh

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