How to Record a Video Interview

by Pranav Ramesh
November 17, 2020
Tips for recording successful video interviews

Recording a video interview for a job seems straightforward. You just turn on your webcam, hit record, and start talking, right? Not so fast. With that strategy, you’ll end up with a boring, unprofessional video that no employer wants to watch.

A recorded video interview is not your resume. It’s not meant to inform the employer of everything you did. Instead, it’s meant to give them a small preview of you as a person. To do that, you have to capture their attention and engage them first.

You don’t need a professional studio to produce a high-quality, captivating video interview. Taking some time to prepare the set-up, practice the software, and script the content will set miles apart from those who don’t.

Content Covered

  • Write a Script
  • Prepare Your Background
  • Set Up Software
  • Set Up Your Camera
  • Set Up Lighting
  • Set Up Your Sound
  • Record Your Video
  • Edit Your Video

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Write a Script

You don’t want to sound scripted, but you do want to be prepared. Create an outline that includes both the questions you want to answer and 3-5 bullet points for each. Remember to highlight your achievements, not just your experiences. Also, emphasize your individual role in the project. Employers want to know not only what the team did, but how you specifically added to the result.

Prepare Your Background

You don’t have to have a photographer’s backdrop behind you to look professional. Any wall in your home will do so long as it looks neat and clean. Bookshelves and decorations can add to the personal feel of your video so long as they’re not distracting. Try to balance things out by placing a similar amount on each side. If you can’t find a simple, clean background, hang a sheet using some clothespins.

Set Up Software

The best software to record your video interview is the one you’re most comfortable with. If you already use OBS to stream YouTube videos, go ahead and use it to record as well. If you’ve never recorded a video before, that’s fine too! Most modern-day operating systems have built-in recording software. Be sure to test it out and get familiar before it’s showtime.

Set Up Your Camera