AI Gone Wild! The Wackiest Ways People Are Using Artificial Intelligence 

by Pranav Ramesh
September 29, 2023
AI Gone Wild - PTechPartners

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is reshaping various industries, offering unprecedented capabilities and innovations. From the legal arena to the world of art and the hustle of newsrooms, AI is making its mark, for better or worse.

For example, the Indian news channel Aaj Tak, recently unveiled an AI-driven digital double of their prime-time news anchor and managing editor, Anjana Om Kashyap. Anjana and her virtual counterpart are set to deliver a tag-team performance, both on the ground and on the airwaves.

Far beyond optimization in the office and automation on the factory floor, the growth of AI comes with a side of delightful and delightfully weird!

AI was judged to be untruthful. Literally, in a court of law.

AI wrote the brief. The opposition cried objection. The Judge sustained.

In an unexpectedly wild twist on AI applications, a New York law firm faced a $5,000 fine when lawyer Steven Schwartz employed ChatGPT to aid in his legal research. The resulting court brief? Sprinkled with non-existent cases and phantom judicial opinions that chatGPT had fictionalized to support the case.

Schwartz expressed shock: “I simply had no idea that ChatGPT was capable of fabricating entire case citations,” he lamented.

The opposing counsel noticed the fictional references, recognizing immediately that the cases were not real.

While AI can revolutionize industries, it’s not impossible to think that sometimes, it will also craft tall tales!

Do AI dream of electric sheep?

Who needs psychedelics when you’ve got AI!

The Deep Dream Generator, Google’s AI brainchild, remixes images into psychedelic spectacles by letting neural networks ‘dream,’ amplifying visual patterns into mesmerizing renditions.

Feed an image, tweak it, and voila!—from mundane to magical. It’s not just for digital art junkies; scientists peer into these AI daydreams to decode neural network insights.

And artists? They’re crafting otherworldly visuals, redefining creative boundaries. Challenges like unpredictability and computational demands exist, but the allure is irresistible.

If you’re keen on AI-driven art or decoding neural musings, this tech trip is a must-explore.

Breaking News! AI is breaking the news

AI anchors are starting to crop up in news stations. Is yours next?

AI doubles are just the beginning. Another news channel in India has skipped a couple of steps and created an AI-generated anchor!

Audiences in Odisha (a state in India) are all set to welcome Lisa, an entirely AI-generated news anchor joining the wave of robotic reporters sweeping newsrooms.

At first glance, she’s eerily lifelike, but a few unsettling hitches give her away on closer inspection: the slow blink, the stutter, the monotone. Yet, in bustling offices or cafes, she could easily pass as any other background news voice without raising suspicion of her authenticity.

While Lisa’s debut raises eyebrows over job security and intentions, Odisha TV’s boss pitches her as a data-crunching sidekick, freeing human journalists for more creative endeavors. The AI-anchor era isn’t emerging; it’s already here and being broadcast, with Lisa following AI counterparts from places like China to Kuwait.

Don’t flip out if an AI flips your burger

This just might be the best use of AI yet!

White Castle is flipping the script on traditional fast food with Flippy, a burger-cooking robot. Teaming up with Pasadena-based Miso Robotics, the iconic chain, will debut this high-tech kitchen aid in a Chicago location this fall.

Having had a predecessor tested at CaliBurger in 2018, the upgraded Flippy aims to optimize tasks like grilling. But it’s not just about speed — Miso Robotics touts the robot chef as a safer bet, claiming they can better detect undercooked meat and reduce the spread of disease.

While some worry about robots snatching jobs, White Castle sees Flippy enhancing customer service and potentially trimming food expenses.


The myriad ways AI is being integrated into our daily lives is nothing short of fascinating. From the courtrooms of New York to newsrooms in New Delhi, the potential of AI continues to unfold.

However, with its vast capabilities come challenges and ethical considerations are apparent. As we stand on the cusp of an AI-driven future, navigating this terrain will require both optimism and caution. The aim is to harness the power of AI while remaining grounded in our values and principles.

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