Gen AI in 2023: A Round-up

by Rachel Estes
December 21, 2023
Gen AI in 2023

2023 was the year of Gen AI.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a part of our technological narrative since the 1950s, but 2023 stands out as the year when AI truly went mainstream, reshaping our digital world and daily experiences. This transformative period in tech history is characterized by the explosive growth of generative AI, emerging regulatory challenges, and significant legislative developments. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the trajectory of AI in 2023, exploring the impact of generative AI, the challenges of regulation, and the potential of incoming AI laws that will shape the future of this rapidly evolving technology. 


The Rise of Generative AI  

The rapid advancement and adoption of generative AI tools in 2023 also raised critical questions about regulation. While these tools showcased their efficiency in creating content, they also sparked debates over the adequacy and consistency of self-regulation by tech companies. This concern was particularly evident in scenarios involving AI interactions with the public, such as a user seeking medical advice from a hospital’s AI-powered chat system. These situations underscored the necessity for robust regulatory frameworks to ensure the responsible and safe use of AI technologies.

Generative AI, capable of producing diverse content types including graphics, text, and videos, captured global attention in 2023. The public release of ChatGPT in early 2023 marked a pivotal moment. This AI platform demonstrated remarkable capabilities in generating high-quality content swiftly, revolutionizing the way we interact with digital technology and enhancing various aspects of daily life.

This profound influence of generative AI, however, was not without its controversies and concerns. For instance, the Hollywood Writers’ strike in May 2023, partly fueled by AI-related issues, highlighted the growing unease in creative industries. Writers and actors expressed concerns over AI’s role in content creation and the ethical implications of using AI to replicate human likeness.

The uncertainty surrounding AI regulation significantly influenced corporate strategies. A KPMG survey in June 2023 revealed that 77% of CEOs from major companies reported that regulatory uncertainty affected their decisions to deploy generative AI technologies. This led to a cautious approach, with 41% of these CEOs opting to temporarily pause their AI initiatives to better understand the evolving regulatory landscape.


Challenges in Regulation and Crafting Legislation

Though generative AI tools proved that they could crank out graphics, text, and videos in the blink of an eye, not everyone was amused.  

May 2023 brought forth the beginnings of the year’s Hollywood Writers strike. Though the writers were lobbying for equity, AI was one of the roots of their discomfort. Writers wanted to use AI without having it dock their pay, and Actors didn’t want AI to scan their likeness without proper pay or co