Top AI Tools Revolutionizing Software Development in 2024

by Poppy Johnson
May 21, 2024
Top AI Tools Revolutionizing Software Development in 2024

Well, we are back again and talking about AI tools for software development in 2024. We know and you know that you don’t have the time to fish around for this important information. As a prominent software developer, you need to know which programs will give you the tools you need to finish your projects ahead of schedule. You have come to the right place to get the data on what is going to help you the most. We’ve got you and already sized them up properly, so that you can know which programs will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. Here is the low down on the best AI software development tools for 2024.

Stepsize AI

Stepsize AI

Stepsize AI will help you to report on the product development for updating everyone from project managers, engineering management, leadership and product owners to keep them informed as to activity on your software development project. Stepsize AI offers clearly designed metrics and sprint reports that will assist you with easy to decipher language as you manage your software development projects using the system. 

Best Features 

  • Easy to read issue tracker integrations 
  • Customizable updates for channels, projects and repositories 
  • Inputted data is never used to train Large Language Models 
  • Dynamic 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard 
  • Zero setup time with AI created dashboards 
  • Customized templates featuring your own data  
  • High visibility and focus from data submitted 
  • AI recommendations for projects helps avoid risks of late deliveries  
  • SOC2 Certification  
  • Works with Jira, Linear, Slack and GitHub 

Unfortunately, the Stepsize AI program it is not readily available and you will have to join the waitlist for now. But once it is open to the public to register, it looks to be a game changer going forward.  

Cody AI 

Cody AI Tool

 Cody AI is ready to help your software development team to wildly increase productivity right now and keep everyone informed in the process. It works like ChatGPT, but it uses your own business processes and data to train itself to your bidding. You can forget needing keyword searching, as Cody AI consolidates your unique business data to open the file drawers to your teams whenever needed. 

Best Features 

  • Immediate replies to your business inquiries 
  • Build your own knowledge database 
  • Secure systems allow uploading PowerPoints, documents and PDFs 
  • Answers your team’s data questions with ease 
  • Increases team efficiency with answers at their fingertips 
  • Supports and troubleshoots problems with your current digital tools 
  • Offers insightful brainstorming ideas and recommendations for project related questions 

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Added Bonus Features 

Cody AI offers additional bots that can help with any team requests for data, including: 

  • Hiring AI Bot 
  • Creative Assistant Bot 
  • IT Support AI Bot 
  • AI Sales Bot Assistant 
  • Training Bot 
  • Customer Support AI Bot 
  • Translator Assistant 
  • Human Resources AI Bot 
  • Business Consultant 
  • Marketing AI Assistant 
  • Factual AI Assistant 

You will like that Cody AI uses all of your favorite tools such as PowerPoints and PDFs, as well as Discord, Zapier, Embed, Slack and API. You can start with a free version of Cody AI, or upgrade to Basic ($29/month), Premium ($99/month) or Advanced ($249/month). You’ll earn credits with each upgrade, and be able to add more team members, bots and documents to the mix. At the higher levels you can remove the Cody AI branding on the widget and customize your own website widgets.  


Tabnine AI Tool

 Tabnine is a customizable AI coding assistant that focuses the software development life cycle to make your team more efficient now. Tabnine is private, offers personalized AI agents that are customized to your team needs, and keeps your organizational data secure at all times. There are two versions: Pro (free for 90 days then $12/month) and Enterprise ($39/month), allowing you to try the Pro version free for 90 days.  

Best Features 

  • AI chat agents generate code and test documents 
  • Code recommendations are only taken from permission-based licensed codebases 
  • Offers VPC or on-premises SaaS or self-hosed platforms  
  • AI models customizable to your organizational standards and guidelines 
  • Easy to use admin tools 
  • Training on AI-enabled systems for your team 
  • SSO integration 
  • IP indemnification  
  • Priority ticket support during business hours 
  • Atlassian Jira and Confluence integration for AI models 

If you are ready to become more efficient today, you might want to check out Tabnine right now. You literally have nothing to lose by checking out the free versions to determine if it will in fact work for your current software development project.  

Mutable AI 

Mutable AI Tool

 Mutable AI uses an auto Wiki software to help your team convert code into easy-to-understand Wikipedia articles outfitted with citations and references to the original source materials.  

Best Features 

  • Automatic updating of documentation  
  • Code diagrams 
  • Enterprise on premises support and customization  

The plans start at a rock bottom Basic ($2/month), Premium ($15/month) and Business ($50/month) with options for Enterprise status that includes all business features, fine tuning and more support and training for your team.  

Codium AI 

Codium AI Tool

 Codium AI can offer your team “free forever” access for individuals ($12/month/per user for Teams, custom for Enterprise) to get access to high powered AI autocomplete coding. It is available in over 70 languages, has unlimited autocomplete options and uses generative code to save time for your team’s Integrated Development Environment or IDEs. Codium AI offers Saas, on premises and in-VPC service deployments, as well as SOC 2 Type 2 for completed audits for Saas.  

Best Features 

  • Fast code autocomplete  
  • In-editor AI chat assistant 
  • Encryption in transit 
  • Admin usage dashboard 
  • GPT-4 support 
  • Zero day retention guaranteed 
  • Enterprise upgraded support and ticketing 
  • Optional finetuning on code base 
  • Kickoff and training for the teams 

If you are nervous about starting a new software development system, you can relax. You’ll get trained and can ask questions to your team’s satisfaction with Codium AI training sessions. There is no reason to wait, you can get going on your free access right now.  

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Amazon CodeWhisperer 

Amazon CodeWhisperer AI Tool

 Amazon CodeWhisperer allows coders access to free code services (paid team services start at $19/month) in a simple learning environment. The Amazon CodeWhisperer is available to use inside the IDE with Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDEA, and tames AWS APIs to maintain efficiency for any coding project. Signing up is a breeze, and there is a Professional level that offers SSO and IAM Identity Center integration as well as top notch security. The system supports all the major programs, SQL, Scala, PHP, Ruby, C, C++, PyCharm, RubyMine, DataGrip, WebStorm and more.  

Best Features 

  • Code recommendations offered in real time  
  • Fast and efficient platforms 
  • High coding security levels 
  • Security scanning to find and suggest remediations in code 
  • Identifies hard to find vulnerabilities 
  • Optimized to build applications on AWS APIs 

The free version of Amazon CodeWhisperer may suit your team on the outset, and can offer answers to your questions regarding finding hidden vulnerabilities within your organizational circuits. You can check out Amazon CodeWhisperer any time, and see if it is a good fit for your team project. 

Risks vs. Rewards of Using a New AI Software Development Tool 

Everything in life has a risk, but the rewards can be just as sweet. You’ll want to review each of the software development tools to determine which one will work best for your team, your project and for the goals of your organization. There are risks though, and you should consider what that means. Even though you have full access to AI tools and technologies, you need to remember that developers who use these tools have to wrestle a bit with the autocomplete suggestions for code you are writing. If the AI you are using is anticipating your next move, that can be a literal blessing and somewhat of a curse too.  

In the case of running across unverified recommendations from AI for codes, you might get into security gaps that could leave you susceptible to system vulnerabilities, and that is not a good look. For that matter, any time you experience a software weakness you are opening yourself up to avenues of coding that are untried and untested, which is not where you want to end up. 

Final Takeaways 

So, we wanted to hit you hard, but not too hard, to give you the most current AI tools for software development in 2024. You now have at your fingertips everything you need to begin the next project with the help of AI. Get started with confidence and know that most services have free and reasonably priced subscription services. Remember, this advice is worth sharing, and someone else on your professional peer list can benefit from this scoop as well.  

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