The Adobe Experience: Consulting and Implementation Partnership

by Doug McCord
July 02, 2024
Adobe Consulting and Implementation Solutions

Let me open by acknowledging that I dislike “how to” or “review” articles that are really just advertisements for a source company.  

With The PTP Report we aspire to go beyond this, to keep the information as useful and entertaining for you as possible, so in that spirit, let me lead with this, and get it out of the way:  

PTP provides world-class Adobe consulting and implementation.  We have over 120 certified Adobe experts and more than 26 years of experience. If you’re looking for a partner, there are significant reasons to consider PTP. 

And as you may have heard, Adobe’s had a bad month, being targeted by the US Federal Trade Commission for cancelation fees and getting blowback on terms of service that imply creative content could be used in AI training (Adobe says it won’t).  

Against this, earnings have been great, with a stronger outlook than ever before. Adobe’s cloud and digital experience subscriptions are way up, with a 13% bump in revenue and an impressive 60% increase in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM—see below) subscriptions over Q2 of 2024.   

Adobe has also long been invested in AI, partnering with Nvidia back in 2018 (with Adobe Sensei AI) and this integration has been another reason for their success. 

So whether you’re a current AEM customer seeking to maximize your ROI—or curious to see what the experience could offer—read on for a deeper look at Adobe’s business solutions and the benefits in working with Adobe certified consultants. 

The Adobe Experience 

Acrobat and Photoshop have been the cornerstones of the Adobe name for decades (also Flash, Illustrator, Prem