Data Science

What Is Data Science?

Data science is one of the most exciting new fields out there today.

Data scientists develop processes that can identify and extract key information from large amounts of data, which organizations can leverage to spot trends, make better decisions, and develop prediction models. Data science also enables machine learning and deep learning models to learn from large amounts of data, making them smarter and more capable of automation and assistance.

What is the importance of data science?

There are various reasons why Data Science is important in business.

  • Data Science enables enterprises to measure, track, and record performance metrics for facilitating enterprise-wide enhanced decision making.

  • Companies can analyze trends to make critical decisions to engage customers better, enhance company performance, and increase profitability.

  • Data Science models use existing data and can simulate several actions. Thus, companies can devise the path to reap the best business outcomes.

  • Data Science helps organizations identify and refine target audiences by combining existing data with other data points for developing useful insights.

  • Data Science also helps recruiters by combining data points to identify candidates that best fit their company needs.

What does it take to become a data scientist?

To become a data scientist, you will need to have strong analytical and mathematical skills. You should be able to understand and work with complex data sets. Additionally, you should be able to use statistical software packages and be familiar with programming languages such as Python or R. Data scientists also typically have a certification from an accredited program.

While there is no one specific path to becoming a data scientist, here are some helpful prerequisites or experiences that can improve your chances of success:

A strong background in mathematics and computer science: As a data scientist, you will be working with large amounts of data on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential that you have a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science. In particular, you should be comfortable with statistical methods and algorithms.

Experience working with large amounts of data: Data scientists must be able to effectively manipulate and analyze large data sets. Therefore, it is important to have some experience working with large data sets before becoming a data scientist.

Experience with machine learning and statistical modeling: Machine learning and statistical modeling are powerful tools that data scientists use to make predictions from data. Therefore, experience with these techniques is essential for anyone interested in becoming a data scientist.

Strong communication and visualization skills: Data scientists must be able to effectively communicate their findings to others. Therefore, strong communication and visualization skills are essential for anyone interested in becoming a data scientist.

A willingness to learn: The field of data science is constantly evolving, which means that data scientists must be willing to continuously learn new methods and techniques. Therefore, a willingness to learn is essential for anyone interested in becoming a data scientist. One of the best ways to learn how to become a data scientist or brush up on your current skills is to enroll in a top data science education program.

Data science job market

The market for data science experts is thriving! Nicknamed one of the ‘sexiest jobs of the 21st century’ the data science industry is growing exponentially and at a rapid rate.

At the beginning of the 2010s, data science was still a new industry. Today, it is firmly well-established. Banks, insurance companies, retailers, health care providers, and even government agencies have employ data science teams; large financial services firms regularly employ hundreds of data scientists. Data science has also been effective in addressing societal crises, counting and predicting mass healthcare needs, helping to address weather disasters, and even fighting misinformation and cybercrime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Data Science differs from Big Data and Data Analytics?

    Big Data:
    Big data simply refers to extremely large data sets. Their size enables them to surpass the capabilities of traditional data management tools.

    Data Analytics:
    Data Analytics is the process of analyzing data in order to extract meaningful information. These analytics techniques are carried out on big data in most cases, though they can be applied to any data set.

    Data Science:
    Data science is a multidisciplinary approach that extracts information from data by combining mathematics, statistics, programming, advanced analytics, machine learning, AI and deep learning.

  • Is getting a job in data science difficult?

    Being a relatively new field, there is a lot of speculation regarding the difficulty level of this field. It has a reputation of being considered a tough field to break into.

    Expertise in data science does require an understanding of multiple disciplines but other than that it is like any field. If you have a passion for the subject and the work you’ll be doing, you won’t have a problem with the work you put in to get there.

    You just have to be systematic and plan your path to success carefully.

  • What skills does a data scientist need?

    Some of the most important skills you’ll need to succeed as a data scientist (besides the ones listed above) are:

    • Probability & Statistics
    • Calculus & Linear Algebra
    • Programming
    • Data Wrangling
    • Database Management
    • Data Visualization
    • Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Is a data scientist an 'in-demand' occupation?

    Data science is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand IT jobs of today. Over the last decade, data science jobs have increased by nearly 650% and are set to grow by another 30% in the next five years.


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