Embracing AI Partnership in Software Engineering

by Doug McCord
April 02, 2024

“Over the course of the last ten years, fifteen years, almost anybody who sits on a stage like this would tell you that it is vital that your children learn computer science… 

And in fact, it’s almost exactly the opposite. It is our job to create computing technology such that nobody has to program. And that the programming language is human…  

Everybody in the world is now a programmer. This is the miracle of artificial intelligence.” 

-Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang 

The above quote from Nvidia’s CEO made waves in February, when on stage at the World Government Summit in Dubai, he recommended kids should study biology, education, manufacturing, or farming—instead of software engineering. Gaining expertise in another field, he asserted, would be more useful, since AI will be handling our programming.  

In March, newly launched startup Cognition Labs poured gas on this fire when they rolled out Devin, they described as “the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer” and a “a tireless, skilled teammate,” that can: 

  • Learn and use new technologies 
  • Entirely build and deploy applications itself 
  • Autonomously identify and resolve bugs in codebases