Emerging AI: Roundup for May and June 2024

by Doug McCord
June 25, 2024
AI Technology Roundup for May and June 2024

Summer is here and the AIs are online. Browsing catalogs, making orders, summarizing our searches, reading and writing emails and articles (not this one). At some point AI-built websites will be primarily surfed by AIs, begging the question: how does that change web design? 

According to the 2024 Imperva Threat Research report, there are now as many bots online as us, and nearly a third of all traffic comes from so-called “bad bots,” scraping the web, harvesting data, and perpetrating transaction fraud. They’re now so capable of mimicking human behavior, it’s all becoming difficult to separate. 

(But people still fail CAPTCHA tests 2/3 of the time, according to Google.) 

Welcome to the summer kickoff edition of our emerging AI trends 2024 bi-monthly report! 

In this edition, we cover key (and interesting) events from May and June, like the Big Tech rollouts, mad growth, regulation highlights (the first state’s AI law was passed), and some of those quirky things that always abound with generative AI.  

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